32×32 Pixel Avatars to Entertain the NFT Space 

Nouns is a community-owned project, introduced to the NFT space to carry out a positive influence on the world. The collection of 839 items is available in different avatars including humans, frogs, things, etc. 

Nouns NFT Insights 

Nouns is a pixel art NFT collection introduced in August 2021 and is categorized into the profile picture (PFP) category. Streaming over the Ethereum network, the collection of 839 items is all set to spread positivity and happiness. One of the interesting things about Nouns is its availability for everyone. The project wishes to spread positivity through the idea of collaboration and funding. It can be said that it is a complete package of technology, collaboration, funding, and brands.

In simple terms, it is an experiment to flourish the formation of on-chain avatar communities through digital tools. Let’s explore the unique collection to find out more surprising things about the project. The collection of 839 items is unique from each other in terms of features, price, and popularity.

Considering popularity, Noun 69 and Noun 125 are the most viewed items in the list holding 8.5K and 7.3K views respectively. Both items are available with the best offers and can be purchased from platforms like OpenSea, LooksRare NFTGo, etc. Considering affordability, Noun 424 and Noun 344 can be a good option to choose from. Noun 424, a member of Nouns DAO, is available at the price of 36 ETH which is around $59,243.04. Noun 344 on the other hand is available at the current price of 36.9231 ETH which is approximately $60,762.13. However, the expensive items are not far away, you just need to spend 1 or 2 additional ETH to buy the most expensive products in the collection. Noun 581 is one of the most expensive items in the list available at the current price of 38 ETH around $62,534.32. Another item on the list is Noun 344. Surprisingly, purchasing Noun 344 can be a great deal as it is listed in both the expensive and cheapest NFT.    

Floor Price and Current Stats 

Looking at the current stats and performance, the collection streaming over the Ethereum blockchain holds a total volume of 19,847 ETH with a floor price of 36 ETH. With a 0.4% listing, the collection is ready to boom the NFT space in the upcoming days. The project holds 362 owners of which around 43% are unique owners, owning at least a single item from the collection. 

Focusing on the recent performance, the NFT collection is performing well. The 24-hour volume of the Nouns NFT project is 348 ETH, a hike of 424% with a total of 10 sales leading the floor price to 36 ETH.    


The Noun NFT project is introduced to the NFT community with the motive to spread happiness and positivity to the world. The 32×32 Pixel Avatars are performing well leading the floor price to 36 ETH in the past 23 hours. The collection of 839 items is available on platforms including OpenSea, LooksRare NFTGo, etc.        

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