5 Brazilian Stocks Known For Paying Excellent Dividends

Brazil is one of the developing nations with great prospects. It hosts a number of profitable organizations. The country is rich in minerals, oil, metal, and many other things. This nation is on its way to hitting the apex position on various fronts. And so many companies generating high dividends prove it. Brazil is home to a large number of companies that dole out great returns. Therefore, experts recommend some countries from this nation for all investors.

By investing in some of these companies, traders can make a fortune. These organizations come from different industries. They are known for performing exceptionally in every quarter. So for obvious reasons, they become everyone’s favorite too. That’s why experts handpick the best performers to make the traders’ jobs easier.

Stocks From Brazil That Draw Investors’ Attention

Here are some companies that have made their investors happy every quarter. They’ve done a great job of keeping their operations profitable consistently.

Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. ADR (PETR4- BVMF) 

This company deals with the production and sales of oil and gas. It operates internationally while taking care of transporting, trading, processing, refining, drilling, and prospecting. The portfolio includes oil, natural gas, rocks, and other liquid hydrocarbons. Exploring and managing natural sources, this company makes great profits. With a market cap of $91.64 Billion, it generates a dividend yield of 25.25%.


Gerdau provides steel to multiple countries including the US, Canada, and South America. It delivers semi-finished products including industrial tools and cables. Also, it produces tools for agriculture machinery, heavy vehicles, and auto parts. To expand its reach, the company uses an extensive retail network and independent distributors. With a market cap of $9.11 Billion, it delivered dividend yields of 11.53%.


JBS processes and provides animal protein globally. It offers food products and by-products for chicken, lamb, beef, and pork. More than that, it deals in fatty acids, steel cans, glycerin, collagen, plastic resins, and other semi-finished products. The list of products doesn’t end here, it involves personal care items, oils, and sodas. Its market cap is $8.23 Billion and its dividend yield is 10%.

Cia Siderurgica Nactional SA ADR (BVMF: CSNA)

Cia is a steel producer and provider in Brazil and Latin America. It has multi-staged operations dealing with energy, logistics, cement, mining, and steel. Moreover, it delivers some readymade products like cold-rolled sheets and coils, and hot-rolled products, slabs, etc. Its products are employed in different industries including construction, appliances, automotive, etc. Its market cap is $3.24 Billion and its dividend yield of 9.26%.

Banco Bradesco SA ADR (BVMF: BBDC4)

Banco provides banking and financial services to businesses and individuals globally. It prominently deals with insurance and banking while offering a large array of solutions. The main services include account management, cards, loans, corporate finance, investment, insurance, etc. Its market cap is $31.66 Billion and the dividend yield is 6.67%.


Brazil is certainly home to a lot of successful companies. This is a country that provides plenty of opportunities to investors. Hence, these stocks become perfect assets for traders. Besides the frequent profits, they also bring more stability and liquidity. Despite that, experts suggest doing some analysis before putting one’s money in a stock. With Brazilian shares, things get more reassuring for traders.  

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