a Bridge Between Metaverse and Photography  

The NFT landscape lengthened its branches in fields like art, membership, music, Profile pictures (PFPs), gaming, and photography. The introduction of the Metascapes to the NFT landscape in January 2022 bridged the distance between Photography and NFTs. It is a collection of 2,555 unique items representing different AI landscape images, collaborating the real-world photographers and AI, and are classified into photography landscapes.          

The Metascapes NFT at a Glance 

The Metascapes is a unique photography NFT collection, introduced with the motive to bridge the space between reality and the Metaverse. 2,555 fully edited images are ready to offer a hyper-realistic landscape experience using the photographer’s color palettes, styles, and compositions. Apart from images, the collection also includes 266 videos, offering a realistic view and a unique collaboration between reality and unreality. Images and videos are two types of NFTs offered by the Metascapes running over the Ethereum blockchain. 

Addressing the collection, Metascapes #437 is one of the most popular NFTs in the collection with around 1.6K views, available at a current price of 0.3 ETH ($503.44). Metascapes #1725 is categorized under the lowest price NFT in the collection with the current price of 0.05 ETH. In contrast, Metascapes #407, a video, holds the highest price NFT in the collection available at the current price of $0.5 ETH ($839.06). Metascapes #2554, #2553, and #2552 are some of the recently listed NFTs in the collection, ready to boom the NFT landscape soon.

The NFT collection is not very popular at present, but rapidly grasping the attention of individuals, mainly photographers. The collection simply offers a real-world experience to individuals using AI technology and tools. The rare AI-generated NFTs based on the images taken from some of the world’s most majestic locations seek the attention of individuals towards the collection. Also, the Metascapes NFT is creating a recognized position in Metaverse with its superb creativity and collection.                        

Current State and Analytics

The total volume of the NFT is 380 ETH with a market capitalization of 109.44 ETH. The floor price of the NFT collection at present is 0.059 ETH. 

In the past 30 days, the volume measured is 0.15 ETH, a hike of 0.61% with a total of 4 sales. Also, The Metascapes collection has around 1,353 owners at present of which 53% are unique owners holding at least one NFT of the collection. OpenSea and NFTGo are some major platforms from where an individual can buy the NFT at the current price.         


The Metascapes is a collection of 2,555 fully edited landscape images including approximately 266 videos bridging the gap between Photography and AI. The collection was launched in January 2023 and holds a current floor price of 0.0599 ETH. The collection is classified into the photography category and holds a total volume of 380 ETH. 

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