A Home to Dreamers and Collectors by Kevin Rose 

Moonbirds NFT collection is another fastest-growing Profile Picture (PFPs) category NFT collection, launched in April 2022. The collection was introduced by Kevin Rose including 10K digital artworks embedded with birds with different backgrounds and traits. The collection runs over the Ethereum blockchain and is home to dreamers, creatives, and collectors.       

Moonbirds NFT Insights

Moonbird Art is a utility-enabled PFPs collection and one of the highest-grossing NFT collections. The maximum supply of the collection is 10K with a listed ratio of 2.83%. Moonbirds NFTs mainly attract dreamers or creatives and include different traits like beak, body, background, feathers, headwear, eyewear, outwear, etc. NFTs including #8173, #2642, and #3232 are some of the most viewed NFTs in the collection and are more popular in the landscape. Focusing on the newly added NFTs, #9643, #9792, and #8810 are the newly added NFTs to the collection sold at 1.6ETH, 1.47ETH, and 1.48ETH respectively. #7478 and #8505 are some NFTs sold at low prices of 1.46ETH and 1.42 ETH respectively. The collection also includes some high-priced NFTs that boosted the value of Moonbirds NFTs in the tokens landscape. #6609 and #8671 are some NFTs that are sold at high prices, 2.81ETH and 2.88ETH respectively. The collection is seeking the attention of NFT enthusiasts which simply boosted the value of Moonbirds NFTs collection in the ecosystem.    

Current State and Performance

Just days after launch, Moonbirds NFT has achieved sales of 100,000ETH, approximately $300 Million. The hike simply added to the collection in entering into the top 10 highest-grossing NFT collections. Each item allows users to access the platform’s personal discord server, physical goods, airdrop events, and in-person events. 

Focusing on the current performance of Moonbirds NFTs, the total volume of the collection is 326.07K ETH with a market cap of 15.1k ETH. The NFT has around 6,349 owners of which 63% are unique owners holding at least a single type of NFT. The current floor price of the collection is 1.54ETH, a rise of 2.13% in the past 24 hours. 

In the past 7 days, the volume measured is 627 ETH, an upsurge of 513% whereas the sales hit 409, an upsurge of 539%.

Moonbirds is a super successful NFT and is expected to boom the NFT landscape in the near future, making it a worthy buy. OpenSea and LooksRare are some platforms from which users can purchase the NFTs at the current price.    


Moonbird NFT, a collection of 10K unique items was designed and introduced to the NFT environment by Kevin Rose in April 2022. The collection mainly attracts dreamers or individuals interested in creatives or digital artwork and positioned itself in the list of top NFTs. The floor price of the NFT is 1.54ETH with a market cap of 15.1k ETH. OpenSea and LooksRare are some platforms from which the NFTs can be purchased at the current price.         

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