A Token to The Yuga Labs Universe 

The doorway of the gaming category into the NFT world filled gaming enthusiasts with joy. NFT made it easy for gamers to explore the immersive gaming experience in the Yuga Labs Universe. Otherdeed Expanded NFT possesses a unique blend of environment and sediments offering home to powerful artifacts.   

Exploring the Yuga Labs Universe

Introduced by Yuga Labs in April 2023, the Otherdeed Expanded NFT project allows users to explore the future of gaming. The non-fungible token offers ownership of digital land virtual property rights to the users. With the purpose of offering an immersive and interactive virtual environment, the project allows users to create, explore, and engage with other individuals in the Metaverse, the decentralized world. 

Acquiring virtual land and assets becomes easy with Otherdeed Expanded NFT. Also, the use of Ethereum blockchain technology made future gaming more secure and verifiable, allowing gamers to trade virtual assets, and creating a dynamic economy.  

Categorized into the gaming category and streaming over the Ethereum chain, the Otherdeed Expanded NFT project is offering 50.8K unique items to the users containing different sediment, plots, and categories. Exploring the items in depth, the collection holds different traits including artifacts, environment, resources, sediment, obelisk pieces, and tier. 

#18073 is one of the most popular items in the list holding 1.0K views and is available at the current price of 9.87 ETH which is around $16,233.29. Another major player in the list is #9629, holding 971 views and available at the best offer of 1.7006 WETH. #77077 is the recently created item, available at the current price of 0.539 ETH. Moving forward the value of the items in the NFT space, #61521 and #53157 are the cheapest items in the list available at the current price of 0.27 ETH, which is the current floor price of the project.

If you are looking for expensive items, you can choose #58142 and #60650 available at the current price of 10,000 ETH and 1,975 ETH respectively. #70989 and #22519 are available at best offers on the OpenSea platform.    

Current Stats and Performance 

Otherdeed Expanded NFT project is categorized among the trending gaming projects and is all set to boom the NFT space soon. The project holds a total volume of 8,979 ETH with a floor price of 0.27 ETH. In the past 24 hours, the project hit a volume of 45.34 ETH, a hike of 7% with total sales of 111 and a floor price of 0.27 ETH.

The project holds around 13,568 owners among which 27% are unique owners holding at least a single item from the collection. The NFT collection is available at different NFT marketplaces including OpenSea, Magic Eden, LooksRare, etc.        


Otherdeed Expanded NFT project, introduced by Yuga Labs is all set to offer an immersive gaming experience to the users in the Metaverse. The collection of 50.8K unique items sustains a total volume of,979 ETH with a floor price of 0.27 ETH.   

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