AGCO Deal Is Hitting Deere & Company Shares Hard, Farmers Win!

Deere & Company is popularly known as John Deere. It is an American company that manufactures agricultural machinery. The company also provides financial services. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol DE. John Deere was founded in the year 1837. The company is more than 150 years old.

The DE stock is trading with a volume of 1.30M, resulting in an average volume of 1.45M. The current ratio for the stock is 1.98, which denotes that the company is capable enough to pay its liability. Its gross profit margin is 0.37 and the net profit margin is 0.16.

The ROE of the company is 46.16% and the operating margin of the DE share is 27.22%. This firm also has a very good debt/equity ratio of 268.41%. Dheere & Company’s PE ratio is 11.40. This data denotes that the traders are ready to pay higher prices for the stock.

Deere & Company Stock Performance Analysis

The company is performing well as it’s revenue has been consistently advancing and the company has also managed to maintain its profit margin. The current profit margin of the company is 13.58%. Its current debt is almost similar to its revenue for the year 2022.

Price Targets for DE Stock

AGCO Deal Is Hitting Deere & Company Shares Hard, Farmers Win!
Source: Tradingview

The analysts are bullish on the stock expecting a minimum target of $444.00 and the maximum target is 32.56% above the current market price. The lowest decline analysts are expecting is only 1.23%.

DE Stock Technical Analysis

AGCO Deal Is Hitting Deere & Company Shares Hard, Farmers Win!
Source : DE: 1D: NYSE

The DE share price is making lower swing points. It results in the formation of a lower low swing structure. It also means that the stock is following a downtrend and the share price is consistently declining to lower levels. Despite of EMAs following the golden cross on charts, the share price has declined below the 50-day and the 200-day EMAs. It indicates bearishness on the stock. 

The RSI is following a negative trend trading below the 50- level. The RSI value for the DE share has also declined below the 14-day SMA line. This behavior can drag the DE share price to further lower levels.


The share price is consistently declining below the crucial swing points. The EMA and RSI are also acting bearish on charts. This stock is also suffering negative sentiment due to peers’ joint venture. 

Therefore, the share price can continue to decline further, unless it breaks above the previous swing high.

Technical Levels

  • Support levels for the DE share are – $362.00 and $376.00
  • Resistance levels for the DE share are – $423.20 and $450.00

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