B2BinPay v17 Is Here- an Awaited Update on Functionality and Design

B2BinPay released a new update of its website to V17, which comes with new enhancements in design and functionality. B2BinPay is a reliable facilitator for international cryptocurrency transactions used by merchants and corporations. It provides easy-to-use and easily integrated platforms that make crypto transactions easier, allowing more businesses to grow within the thriving crypto market.

The new iteration includes fixes on the current capabilities and the introduction of new features that meet the growing market demands and the needs of partner merchants and corporations.

More Merchant Settlements With EUROC & TUSD

Stablecoins provide security and stability in a highly volatile market. The new V17 update added two more settlement options, Euro Coin (EUROC) and TrueUSD (TUSD), to the existing USD, EUR, BTC, USDT, and USDC.

Now, Merchants can utilize a wide choice of payment methods, totalling 25 tokens, 14 coins, and 14 stablecoins. Those crypto assets are automatically settled in the seven settlement currencies, enabling merchants and users to enjoy flexible payment and invoicing options. These settlement options operate according to several token protocols, such as ERC20, TRC20, and BEP20.

Euro Coin (EURC) is a stablecoin backed by Euro and was founded by Cricle. It is the same company that created the USD Coin with a market cap of over $25B. EURC quickly grew to become one of the largest stablecoins and a reliable option for enterprises and merchants in the Eurozone.

More Currency Options for Enterprises

B2BinPay v17 Is Here- an Awaited Update on Functionality and Design

B2BinPay provides a comprehensive solution for corporations called the Enterprise blockchain wallet solution. This option helps create an all-inclusive ecosystem for enterprises that work only in cryptocurrencies and can customize it to their preferences.

The new V17 update adds more supported tokens for enterprises, up to 14 stablecoins, and 113 new tokens. Those cryptocurrencies operate on the most reliable blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance, and TRON.

New Pricing Policy

B2BinPay new update introduces a new pricing system that helps users offer more competitive prices.

Merchants will have a new setup cost of $500 with lowered commission fees to 0.4% from previously 0.5%. There will also be new commission categories for more flexible cost options starting from 0.25%.

Enterprise users with Enterprise blockchain wallets will have a lowered setup cost of $1,000 from the previous $1,500. The setup cost now includes Binance Coin, Ripple, and Stellar wallets, and the activation of smart contracts on blockchains like Ethereum, Binance, and TRON. 

Additionally, there will be new commission fee categories from 0.4% to 0.05%. It will empower enterprise users to enjoy more flexible pricing options.

Improved Interface and User Journey

Users will be able to make more from the Rates Tab, with filters according to currency choice, alphabetical order, and favorite tab to make the customer journey easier and more functional. New users will be onboarded to the website using tutorial notes and explanations. It will ensure everyone easily navigates through the B2BinPay interactive platform.

B2BinPay v17 Is Here- an Awaited Update on Functionality and Design

Transaction fee details will be shown in the user’s default currency, with the ability to put custom fees. This improvement promotes more transparency and flexibility in the pricing process.

B2BinPay v17 Is Here- an Awaited Update on Functionality and Design

Better Functionality and User Experience

The new V17 update carries more functionalities to the website, where users can utilize dropdown lists to search, group currencies, and sort the statuses. There won’t be an expiration date previously set to 7 days in the merchant’s invoice and with a newly introduced email notification for reports. Users will see a “Delete Wallet” option to remove unused wallets with zero balance, which helps manage wallets effectively.

The new QR code generator will pin the cryptocurrency symbol to the QR code shown on the user’s devices. Also, users can sort wallets according to currencies and IDs. They can add or remove IPs from the IP whitelist.

Interactive Customer Support Portal

The customer support portal will show real-time notifications and unread messages for the users to find their support tickets quickly. It helps users ask for help seamlessly and receive responses timely.


The new B2BinPay update is rather timely in light of ongoing market, industrial updates, and growing user demands. The team reportedly works on futuristic iterations V18 and V19, promising new updates and features that meet the ongoing market and customer needs.

B2BinPay recently cooperated with high-profile entities like Ledger, introducing the robust Nano X wallets. It sponsored the Spanish side Atheltic Club for their 2023/2024 season. These cooperations further promote the company’s advanced crypto solutions around the world.

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