BALD Rug-puller Bridges Millions of ETH to mainnet, InQubeta’s Dominance Sparks QUBE Craze

The Lookonchain platform, an expert at blockchain analysis, recently revealed news about the developer who created the Bald (BALD) meme coin. The anonymous developer withdrew 7,000 Ethereum (ETH) tokens worth approximately $12.9 million initially invested in the BALD coin from the Coinbase Layer-2 network, called Base. He transferred the ETH coins to the Kraken crypto exchange’s mainnet.

While the team behind the BALD token is attempting to cover up and deny this rug-pull, the dominance of the outstanding InQubeta (QUBE) in the artificial intelligence (AI), decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible token (NFT) sectors is sparking a QUBE craze among investors and crypto enthusiasts. InQubeta aims to facilitate crowdfunding in AI startups and provide means for crypto investors to make passive income. It is actualizing this goal by creating a mutual relationship where the startups raise funds by selling trending NFTs and investors capitalize on the potential benefits of the AI sector.

Let’s delve into how InQubeta’s dominance has sparked a QUBE craze and the news regarding the BALD rug-puller bridging millions of ETH to a mainnet.

InQubeta’s Dominance in the AI and Crypto Sectors is Heightening Investor Interest in Its Ecosystem

Having successfully crossed the $2 million mark through its live presale, InQubeta’s domination in both the AI and crypto industries positions it as one of the top crypto coins, sparking a QUBE craze among investors. Aside from the over $2.2 million raised, investors have placed confidence and belief in the QUBE coin and, by extension, in the beginner AI companies that InQubeta supports. In the third stage of its presale, the Ethereum-based QUBE coin’s value has surged by 60% from its initial presale price, multiplying the initial investments made by the early investors.

InQubeta firmly believes that the future of technology is AI. InQubeta allows investors to invest in beginner AI companies and projects using native QUBE tokens. Crypto experts believe that QUBE could accrue unmatched gains in the crypto market before the end of 2023, considering its implementation of the best DeFi approach to AI crowdfunding and strong support from traders worldwide. Given its pioneering innovation of merging the AI sector with crypto profitability, these predictions seem plausible.

InQubeta has a unique tax system that has contributed to its dominance, ultimately sparking the QUBE craze. When the coin is bought or sold, a 2% tax goes to a burn wallet. A 5% tax is directed to a reward pool that rewards investors who hold their QUBE coins for extended periods. The uniqueness and mass adoption of InQubeta’s NFT marketplace further propels its dominance in the crypto market. In the marketplace, Investors can purchase trending NFTs curated and displayed by beginner AI companies and make profits when they sell them. Not only are the investors fractionally investing in AI startups, but they are also positioned to earn additional income.

Bald’s (BALD) Developer has Scammed the Project of Millions of Ethereum (ETH)

The BALD meme of the Bald project gained popularity on X (previously known as Twitter) soon after its launch on Base. The coin got its name from the bald head of Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong. It quickly rose by an incredible 289,000% in less than two days, attracting investors who moved fast to invest in it on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Things took a turn on August 1, 2023, when the BALD token’s developer withdrew an investment in the coin worth 10,705 ETH ($20 million).

The coin’s price declined rapidly immediately after. Even though the official X account for Bald insists it wasn’t a scam, investors refuse to believe it. Out of the 7,000 ETH sent to the Ethereum network, 2,100 ETH worth $3.87 million were sent in two parts to the Kraken mainnet with the probable intention of being sold. As BALD tries to recover from its drastic decline in market performance and value, speculation about the identity of the BALD rug-puller has arisen.

Final Thoughts

The BALD meme coin has faced a setback after its developer withdrew a substantial amount of ETH from the project. Despite efforts to downplay the situation, the BALD project is experiencing a decline in the coin’s value and market sentiment. On the other hand, the remarkable rise of InQubeta as one of the top crypto coins in the AI and crypto sectors has sparked a widespread QUBE craze among investors. Its innovative tax structure and unique NFT marketplace have significantly contributed to its market dominance over some of the best DeFi coins.

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