Barbie Coming To IMAX For One Week In USA From 22nd September

Barbie is standing tall and proud as a massive box-office hit with an astonishing $2 billion worldwide earned so far. If it keeps going, it could be Kenough to get it tp bounce over The Super Mario Bros. Movie as the biggest release of the year. To help it reach that goal, Warner Bros has announced that IMAX screens will be predominantly pink for one week from September 22nd, as they will be showing Barbie for one week in the large format.

The one thing that Barbie and Ken hadn’t managed to accomplish so far was for their movie to be shown in large format – with their cinematic rival – or arguably partner, Oppenheimer, having a full lock on the IMAX format since the 21 July release date. Now, the audience too can enjoy seeing Ken and his patriarchal horses take over Dreamland, with the big image and big sound that IMAX delivers.

To sweeten the deal further for hardcore fans, Warner Bros announced that the end credits will feature, “exclusive post-credit footage selected by the film’s director, Greta Gerwig.”

While Barbie’s Week Bathing in IMAX glory is primarily for North America, it will also come to other locations too – but as of writing nothing has been shown for the UK, for example.

While it’s certainly no bad thing to be able to see this delightfully, visualized movie on a larger screen, even as a big IMAX fan – if you haven’t yet seen the movie, or want to see it again, there is another format I’d choose instead – and that’s Dolby Cinema.

This format combines two elements – Dolby Atmos audio, which offers precise 360-degree audio along with powerful bass, and Dolby Vision – the only cinematic projection format that can be judged to offer high dynamic range (HDR). This is thanks to the use of high-brightness 4K projectors capable of delivering up to 14 foot-lamberts (compared to 4 foot-lamberts of your bog-standard regular screen), so you get bright highlights and deep blacks at the same time. The color range is also greater – which makes for richer and more contrasty images.

Although Barbie was filmed with an Arri Alexa 65, which is very capable of delivering IMAX film quality, it wasn’t shot with the format in mind and certainly does not have any sequences that expand for IMAX screens. So, if I could pick only one, I’d choose Dolby in this scenario.

Of course, if there isn’t a Dolby Cinema near you, then choose the IMAX version with confidence. It will look and sound great, especially if it’s one equipped with a laser-based projector and 12-channel sound.


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