Best Crypto Wallets With Features to Increase Adaptability

Crypto wallets are digital wallets that help to securely access the cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. They store the public and private keys which are important to use and access the cryptocurrencies. It offers privacy, security, and convenience.

While organizing the crypto holding one should always consider wallets that permit seamless trade and exchange facilities. Some of the best crypto wallets based on distinctive features are discussed below.


MetaMask was launched by Consensus, a blockchain technology company in 2016. It provides quick access to several tokens and dApps within the Ethereum network. It has an intuitive interface design on browser extension and web. It can be linked to the NFT marketplace. It supports several dApps. This wallet has 30 Million monthly active users. The reason behind this is its easy accessibility and usage. 

Investors find it very easy to store and send Ethereum-compatible cryptocurrencies using this wallet. The interaction with various dApps can be made in an uncomplicated manner.

The wallet is also popular due to its compatibility with other blockchain solutions. Any blockchain solution can be added to the platform without any difficulty. The platform supports Web3 networks like Polygon, Avalanche, etc.

Access to NFT marketplaces like OpenSea is also possible without any difficulty. This wallet can be downloaded as a Chrome extension or as an app on Android and Apple devices. The account information is secured, encrypted and stored locally. Information does not reach the servers which highlights that users have full control over their private keys.

Trust wallet

Trust wallet is the best wallet for mobiles supporting dApps and NFTs. It is a non-custodial crypto wallet. This means that the private keys are not stored and safeguarding them is the user’s responsibility.

The wallet supports 65 blockchains and more than 4.5 coins and tokens. The wallet has a built-in Web3 browser which permits the user to access dApps and blockchain games directly from the app. This feature facilitates buying NFTs easily as users can buy, and store tokens using the included decentralized exchanges without going out of the platform.

This hot wallet is perfect for trading purposes of virtual currencies. It is convenient to download and is user-friendly. The app has some easy features and it can be added with Face ID or Touch ID. The user can access millions of cryptocurrencies with simple access through the smartphone.


Exodus is best for desktops due to its transaction speed. Now, it has apps for iOS and Android. It supports more than 260 crypto assets. The wallet is compatible with the Trezor wallet. It also supports established altcoins like Ether, XRP, Litecoin, and also meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

The wallet facilitates the customizable fees for the transfer of Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions. It is available on several operating systems and is very easy to use due to its simple design.

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