Best Ideas By Coinbase CEO That Crypto Developers Can Work On 

Best Ideas By Coinbase CEO That Crypto Developers Can Work On 

Coinbase is one of the leading exchanges run by innovators. Brian Armstrong is known to be one of the visionaries of this domain. Even when the exchange is facing a lawsuit from the SEC, it is doing great in terms of operations. With an economic background, Armstrong has run Coinbase with foresight. He also shares insights on the future of the industry through technological advancements. Recently, he shared some ideas on which crypto developers must work.

Ideas That Brian Armstrong Wants Crypto Devs to Work On

These are some futuristic ideas that could do wonders for the crypto domain. So the Coinbase CEO wants them to work on them. 

  • Flatcoin– It’s a decentralized stablecoin that analyzes some major parameters. It assesses purchasing power and inflation while taking an algorithmic approach. According to Armstrong, this asset is going to be very useful in the future. 
  • On-Chain Reputation– It’s a planned setting to assign scores to wallet addresses based on their on-chain activity. It would work like the ratings page that internet users see on Google. 
  • On-Chain Ads– This would help advertisers in the Web3 space. Again, it would be similar to the pay-per-click that runs on major web browsers. It would work with smart contracts and will regulate the wallets too.
  • On-Chain Capital Formation– According to Armstrong, this one would democratize fundraising. It would make the on-chain operations of startups more compliant and reliable. It would also play a pivotal role in maintaining the capital.
  • Privacy for Layer 2– As the name suggests, this focuses on integrating Layer 2 into private transactions. It would enable enterprises to do away with public blockchains. As a result, it would pave way for more transparency.
  • On-Chain P2P Exchange– This would upgrade the existing peer-to-peer exchange mechanisms. Besides making them more robust, it would bring more scalability. 
  • On-Chain Games- On-chain games are already making waves in this industry. They are bridging the gap between the gaming niche and the metaverse. Also, it’s bringing things like real estate, commodities, and stocks into gaming.
  • Software for Network States- This consists of tools that facilitate startups with many things. It would help them manage taxes, voting, and overall governance.

Possible Impact on Cryptosphere 

By working on these ideas, the developers can keep the crypto domain up and moving. These projects will enable many decentralized entities in a range of operations. Collectively, these ideas can push the industry towards the right direction. Furthermore, it can boost the advancements that will make blockchain more prominent.

After Armstrong’s post, one can be sure about Coinbase’s support of new projects. On top of that, it makes the exchange a frontrunner in such endeavors. The crypto community is already feeling positive about it. The projects have practical implementations and look promising too. However, no one can be sure about the future of these projects.

A lot of factors will decide if they’ll be successful or not. Thus, the crypto community has to be watchful about them. Despite that, such projects bring new hope and optimism among the users. 


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