Bored Ape Yacht Club Sued Sotheby Citing False Promotion

The investors of BAYC are under a chargesheet for falsely promoting the NFT besides a downfall in the price. This leads to confusion and misleading promotion creating an investment plunge that later results in appalling results.

Other than investors, the auction house and broker Sotheby, Adidas, financial technology company MoonPay, Canadian singer Justin Bieber, and famous American Media personality, Paris Hilton, were on the list of those who are sued.

Bored Ape Yacht Club also put charges on other companies

The four investors who filed the lawsuit, blame Yuga Labs for convincing Sotheby to raise the price of BAYC NFTs. In support they said that Sotheby’s sale in 2021 of 100 collectibles to a single buyer for over $24 Million was misleading, arguing that Yuga Labs had impressed Sotheby to create the hype to gain the investor’s interest in the collection.

In the same way, Adidas and MoonPay were also accused of conspiring with the artificial inflation of the NFT price. The investors claimed that Yuga Labs has discretely used MoonPay to settle their celebrity cohorts and in turn, made interest in the BAYC collection seem organic rather than the result of a paid promotion.

Bieber and Hilton were also accused based on the evasive promotion of BAYC without divulging their financial benefits from the project. Their representatives have created a forge interest in the NFT for financial gain.

Yuga Labs Responded to the allegations made

After all these allegations, Yuga Labs responded that these were all false allegations without any accurate reason. The company added that this is the changed version of a complaint lodged in December and it is opportunistic like the previous lawsuit.

Yuga Labs also mentioned that it is a media and technology company that has always assisted entrepreneurs to initiate and build new projects which are original. Their work has stimulated community-driven projects that have gained the attention of people around the world.

The price of BAYC NFTs has increased noticeably in the past. It is a collection of 10,000 collectibles and belongs to the PFPs category. It has a total volume of 1, 253,580 ETH and a floor price of 24.98 ETH.


NFTs developer Yuga Labs is a blockchain technology company. Four investors of Bored Ape Yacht Club sued the firm and other big names like Bieber and Hilton for misleading promotions of this NFT. 

These false promotions without declaring the personal benefits catch the interest of investors and lead to investments.

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