Boxa Travel Aspires to Redefine Eco-Friendly Traveling Via Crypto

Traveling has become smoother and simple due to technology. Online bookings and a large number of applications that aid in almost all aspects of travel are some examples that come off the top of one’s mind. Cryptocurrency could take that to another level.

While digital money made monetary transactions faster and more convenient, crypto has the potential to enhance the security of digital monetary transactions. A truly decentralized payment option can offer another mode of payment.

Sustainability has become a major area of focus for the travel industry. Travelers are becoming increasingly aware of how to minimize or avoid their impact on the environment. Eco-friendly travel options are more popular than ever.

What Advantages Does Boxa Travel Provide?

Boxa facilitates sustainable travel. The demand for sustainable travel options is increasing rapidly as people become increasingly aware of lessening the environmental effects. Utilizing blockchain technology, Boxa travel is able to keep track of the carbon emissions. This will confirm that its operations are environmentally friendly. Travelers can pay in BOXA, the currency of Boxa travel.

The other advantage was that Boxa travel is user friendly. It provides ease of payments. Boxa travel provides two types of payment options – fiat and BOXA. Recently, the platform went hybrid but with the aim to become fully decentralized by accepting payments only in cryptocurrency BOXA. This confirms that the platform will be governed by a DAO which will make it truly community governed.

The platform accepts properties that are green certified.

Key Features of Boxa Travel

Boxa Travel is different from all the other traditional travel platforms because of these features:

Blockchain Technology: It utilizes blockchain technology which facilitates safer, secure, and fast transactions. There is no need for a central authority as the transactions are transparent. Blockchain technology reduces paperwork. The transactions are stored in a way that it is unable to make changes in the data so it minimizes fraud and misuse.

Mode of transactions: It provides two modes of transactions. One is crypto and the other is fiat currency. 

Eco Friendly Options: The platform always encourages the users or the customers to use the eco-friendly travel options like electric cars to reduce their carbon footprint while traveling.

Future Travel Booking: The platform also provides future travel booking with the BOXA token and always encourages the user to look for the greener options while traveling.

Why Travelers Prefer Boxa Travels?

The impact of travel on the environment is sizable as transportation that is used in traveling contributes to carbon emissions in the environment. Hotels and resorts account for energy consumption.

Overcrowding in popular destinations also leads to environmental damage, as more rooms and space is needed, leading to environmental degradation due to construction. Often, natural habitats are destroyed to develop houses and apartments. The adverse impact of excessive, unregulated construction in sensitive areas have led to devastating calamities.

The travel industry has a huge impact on the environment. Sustainable tourism, like what Boxa Travel offers, is the answer to ensure the cost of human pleasure and happiness is not borne by future generations.

Travelers prefer Boxa Travel as it provides sustainable travel. It helps them reduce and prevent harm to the environment by applying eco-friendly ways in travel. The travelers are always encouraged to opt for greener options to minimize the effect on the environment. The platform provides ease of payments and also discards the requirement of the third party for it.

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