Bridge the Gap Between Real and Virtual World With SAN Origin NFT

Music is considered one of the best mediums of expression. But, who ever imagined that music is going to bridge the gap between the Metaverse and the real world? Yes, SAN Origin, one of the trending NFT projects on the OpenSea platform made this happen. 

The Soundscape

The SAN Origin NFT collection, introduced in September 2022 is a series of 10,000 access tokens that are all set to redefine the music-listening experience. A music-centered network not only unites the hardware, art, events, and software but also bridges the gap between the physical world and the Metaverse. 

SAN origin project uses sophisticated privacy and security mechanisms to empower fans and musicians in the NFT marketplace. Music has become the chemistry of everyday life and entry of music into the digital world offers an immersive and outstanding experience. 

The collection of 5,538 unique items streaming over the Ethereum blockchain is all set to rock the stage of NFT with its musical art. With different traits including Edge, character, faction, skin, shadow, and soulbound level, the NFT project is attracting NFT enthusiasts, music, and art lovers to the NFT space. 

Taking a look at the collection, SAN Origin #7299 and SAN Origin #1448 are the most popular items in the collection. SAN Origin #1242 is the premium item in the list available at the price of 3.33ETH. On the other hand, SAN Origin #8987 is the most affordable item in the collection, available at the current price of 0.0162 ETH. 

The project also added some new items that can be purchased at the best offers. SAN origin #9997 is one of the recently created items, available at the best offer of 0.0124 WETH. There are many more items to explore at OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces. 

Current Magic of SAN Origin 

SAN Origin is a leading NFT project in the Music category, running over the Ethereum network. Its unique collection, volume, and sales made the project one of the top players in the NFT space. 

The total volume of the SAN origin project is 1,368 ETH with a floor price of 0.0162 ETH. Considering the past 7 days’ performance, the collection managed to generate a volume of 0.28 ETH with a total sales of 5.   

Addressing the popularity, the NFT project holds 1,821 owners of which approximately 33% are unique owners holding at least one item from the collection. 

Want to buy one? OpenSea, LooksRare, and Magic Eden are some platforms to explore.    


SAN Origin NFT project, introduced in September 2022 is all set to rock the NFT space with its melodious NFT items. The collection of 5,538 unique items is available at the floor price of 0.0162 ETH and a total volume of 1,368 ETH.   

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