Canada Raises Alarm Over Fake News Generated by Artificial Intelligence

Canada’s primary national intelligence agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) warned about disinformation campaigns on the internet that use artificial intelligence-generated fake news. 

Deepfakes are a growing problem. These are developed using AI and are evolving with time and are difficult to recognize. Over the past few years, several cases of misuse of deepfakes have been reported worldwide. A CSIS warned that deepfakes are a threat to Canadians.

Scammers are using deepfakes and other advanced AI based technology to manipulate facts and generate false information. This problem will get worse if governments cannot show that their official content is true and accurate.

Deepfake videos have been used to attract inexperienced crypto investors. Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned about these deepfake scammers who fabricated their videos and promoted a crypto platform with extraordinary returns.

The Canadian agency has been tracking privacy violations, social manipulation, and bias and other cases where AI is involved. The department recommends that government policies, guidelines, and actions keep up with the reality of deepfakes and artificial media.

The government needs to work fast as Fake news can cause problems and confusion for people and governments. Fake news and videos can be very realistic and hard to tell from real news. False information of such high quality and frequency is dangerous for a democracy.

CSIS suggested government, allies, and industry experts should work together to provide real and pure information across the globe.

Canada is planning to involve the allied nations to fight this AI problem. Canada and other powerful countries agreed on some rules for making and using AI. The rules are meant to make AI safe, secure, and trustworthy for everyone. The rules should be aimed to facilitate the usage of AI for good things and the prevention of bad.

AI Deepfake Scams in Crypto

AI Deepfake scams are on the rise. Scammers use this AI deepfake technology to convince inexperienced investors by making fake videos and audio of well-known personalities. Afterwards, they use these videos to execute a variety of crypto scams, even pull off fake ICOs and spread fake information.

The Elon Musk Deepfake Video

Some crypto scammers made a deep fake video of Elon Musk in which he discussed crypto to promote their fraudulent schemes. Of course, people immediately figured that the video was fake.

Canada Raises Alarm Over Fake News Generated by Artificial Intelligence
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Binance Executive’s Deepfake 

Scammers made a deepfake video of a Binance executive. Scammers used this video to manipulate others into believing that the executive was involved in a meeting where an AI hologram was being used. However, later on, it was found that a hacker group was behind the deepfake.


AI-generated deepfakes are posing a significant threat to society, particularly in the realm of cryptocurrency scams. These meticulously crafted videos and audio can easily deceive unsuspecting individuals, particularly those with limited experience in the crypto domain. Scammers are exploiting this vulnerability to promote fraudulent schemes, and ICOs, and disseminate misinformation.'
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