Casio Creating G-Shock Watches Through Polygon NFT in Metaverse

The Japanese electronic giant Casio is expanding the sporty G-shock watch brand into the metaverse. It is set to launch the virtual G-shock, a blockchain-based community co-creator. This brand prepared to launch through NFTs minted on Polygon which is an Ethereum scaling network.

The window is open on the official website of the company for the users who have Casio ID from September 23 to September 26. The user can claim one of 15,000 NFT-based G-Shock creator passes granting them access to a dedicated Discord channel for the project.

The brand has selected Polygon to launch Web3 because of its lightning-fast speed and user experience which is frictionless and simple. Many global brands are using the Web3 space for the expansion of products and gaining popularity.

Starbucks, Prada, and Adidas are some of the brands who selected Polygon because they believe in decentralization by expanding their presence in the Web3 world.

Details Regarding the Release of G-Shock Watches

Takashi Oh, CEO of the company said that presently the use of Web3 internet has increased manifold as it is decentralized.

He further informed Takashi Oh that the company has shipped more than 100 Million devices to the metaverse and interactive online world. The co-creation project is built to increase the presence of the brand in the digital world.

He said that they would like to realize that many avatars in the digital world wear wristwatches and G shocks. Keeping in mind this virtual world they would like to capture the audience. They want to attract virtual fans and increase the number of friends who will work in corporations to create the future that virtual G-Shock is aiming for.

Many top brands like Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger use Web3 loyalty programs. Tommy Hilfiger and Dress X ran an AI design competition in partnership during the March Metaverse Fashion Week. Many brands like Adidas, Nike, and Starbucks have built projects on its Polygon network.

The news comes after Casio filed a trademark application with the U.S. patent and trademark office on August 22 covering virtual clothing and watches. Casio aimed to gain more popularity with G Shock’s latest move in the metaverse. 

During the community initiative, Casio will invite users to submit design ideas for the G shock creator pass and the winning design will be selected through voting. It will then become a variant of the Polygon NFT pass. 


Casio, the Japanese electronics giant is ready to release shock-proof sporty watches in the metaverse. The watches will be launched as Polygon NFTs and will be used as wearables. The project will start with an NFT-based creator pass inviting users to create the design and the appearance will be selected and finalized after voting.

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