Celestial to Keep the Virtual Land Blooming

Otherside Metaverse is emerging as a central hub for buying and selling in-game assets. With the purpose of making the virtual space a standard place for gaming, Yuga Labs, in April 2023 came up with the concept of Otherside Koda. Kodas are celestial creatures residing in virtual space and their magic and science are keeping the other side blossoming. The collection opens the doors to Metaverse for gamers.  

The Whimsical World of the Otherside 

Otherside Koda is an evolution in the NFT landscape, attracting gaming enthusiasts to the virtual space. The NFT collection was introduced by Yuga Labs in April 2023, running over the Ethereum Blockchain, and is classified in the gaming category. The collection not only benefits the NFT landscape but also unbolts growth opportunities for the business world and economy. The NFT is a collection of 5,940 unique items that hold a wide range of traits that make the item differ from each other. Clothing, eyes, head, core, weapons, mega, and relics are some major traits of the celestial creatures thriving in the virtual land at present. It can be said that the NFT marketplace helped humans discover the otherside world. The collection also grasped the attention of individuals toward blockchain technology, democratic decision-making, and decentralized ownership.    

Otherside is an interoperable and gamified metaverse, currently in development holding approximately 5,940 Kodas. With 2.0K views, Koda #9996 secured the top position in the most viewed category, available at a best price of 31.55 WETH. Another popular name in the list is #9374 with 1.6K views available at the best offer of 2.6849 WETH.

To upsurge popularity, fame, and sales, the collection came up with new creations and listings. In-line, Koda #4055, #68, and #3291 are some of the recently created items in the collection, offering a marvelous gaming experience in the metaverse. In addition, Koda #5169 and #5215 are the most affordable items in the collection available at the price of 3.2 ETH each. While, Koda #9978 and #9906 are some of the most expensive and valuable items in the Otherside Koda NFT collection holding prices of 333 ETH and 250 ETH respectively. 

Performance and State

The collection is performing well at present, holding a total volume of 8,217 ETH with a floor price of 3.2 ETH. In addition, the market capitalization of Otherside Koda NFT is 21.65K with a 3% listing. Currently, the collection has 3,479 owners of which around 59% of owners hold at least one of the NFT from the collection.   


Otherside, the Koda NFT collection grasped the attention of gamers and NFT enthusiasts and blossomed into the metaverse. The collection includes 5,940 items, holding a total volume of 8,217 ETH with a floor price of 3.2 ETH. Only 3% of the items are listed and are expected to boom the NFT landscape soon.     

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