China’s Tencent to Fight OpenAI, Launched ChatGPT’s Rival Hunyuan

Imagining a world where tools can answer questions, produce essays, write code, and even tell stories was considered insanity, but not with ChaptGPT. ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model launched in 2022 gathered instant popularity with its natural-language prompts feature. The model redesigned every sector from education to the commercial world. Considering the fame and popularity in mind, Tencent entered the game to give tough competition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.      

What’s the Intention Behind the Launch? 

On September 7, 2023, a surprising announcement came from Tencent’s office. The announcement was related to the launch of LLM. 

In a Global Digital Ecosystem Summit, Tencent disclosed its “Hunyuan” artificial intelligence (AI) system, a multimodal large language model. The announcement was made when the Chinese government was facing ongoing challenges with hardware sourcing. Despite strict government regulations, the Chinese technology corporation released the LLM for business use in China.

The launch was introduced as relations between China and the US remain chilled after the signing off of Joe Biden on an export ban on a particular type of computer chips, in October 2022. The relations between the two nations are not appealing and there haven’t been any comments about developing a timeline for ending the ban. 

In addition, ChatGPT is completely banned in China as the nation believes in its own potential. Tencent’s Hunyuan has the potential to replace the AI-powered language model in the near future. Furthermore, Hunyuan isn’t the first LLM introduced in China and holds powerful platforms including Alibaba and Baidu.

Why is Hunyuan Considered Rival to ChatGPT? 

Tencent is a big name in the Chinese market offering a wide range of products including WeChat, Qzone, QQ, etc. The success stories of these services strengthen the success scope of Tencent with Hunyuan, the AI system. Hunyuan is supposed to offer the powers and potentials of GPT3 when it comes to numbers. The system holds the capability to process commands in the Chinese language, making it a win-win game for the Chinese language environment.   

Tencent ensured that the system will emerge as one of the most powerful LLMs in the world soon. The tool has the advantage of being trained in a massive production of Chinese language text. Advanced logical reasoning and reliable text execution capabilities somehow boost the chances of Hunyuan to rule the world.  

Image creation, text recognition, copywriting, and customer service are some functions supported by Tencent’s foundation model. Considering all these features, Hunyuan can be a blessing to industries like Finance, transportation, e-commerce, games, public services, and social media. Powered with an Artificial Intelligence assistant, Hunyuan can perform complex tasks in minutes. The new model holds reliable task execution capabilities and can output a thousand-word long text in a single click. In addition, Hunyuan can review, distinguish, translate, produce, and forecast new content in the form of audio, video, and images using large data sets.   


Tencent, a Chinese technology company is all set to give tough competition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. In a Global Digital Ecosystem Summit, Tencent revealed the launch of Hunyuan, an AI system offering a wide range of AI assistance features.       

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