Crypto Gaming Should Go Beyond Just NFTs, Says Argus Labs CEO 

Crypto Gaming Should Go Beyond Just NFTs, Says Argus Labs CEO 

The CEO of Argus Labs said that Web 3 games are coming into focus but it is very early to expect AAA games to have joined the fray yet. He added that we are in the stage of crypto gaming where we can’t design the playbook that would make sense for us to invest 4 years of development life cycle and tens of millions of dollars.

At the Blockwork Permissionless II Conference held in Austin, Texas Scott Sunarto said that the infrastructure and the market of crypto seem to change in a one or two-year timeline and this is the reason why most of the companies are shipping fast. He added that the space is yet to mature for mid or major developments. 

Sunarto Says Web3 Games Should Be More Than Including Collectibles

Sunarto also highlights that people in the game tend to blame the infrastructure and shortcomings but in reality, many developers are building skeuomorphic games that are graphic design interphase where they just clone or copy-paste the design of Web2 and just slap NFT on top of it.

This outlook toward the change will make it tough to compete with the successful Web2 games. To bring this game is okay but it lacks the intellectual property that Web2 game publisher has and there is no difference in the gameplay, it is just the same.

Ownership of assets is not the thing that makes Web3 different but the gaming community’s emergent behavior that stems from ownership could make it special. Ownership is nothing if it does not provide the interchange and assembling aspect of it.

Sunarto added that he is passionate about working with people who can innovate ways to use crypto lenders to make games more interesting and appealing. 

He also showed interest in experimentation in crypto native designs and the unique process that could be assembled in the game. Sunarto further says that billions of gamers have high expectations and they are expecting more and more. And, if we want to claim that crypto is going to make gaming better we need to show them more and how it is going to be a case instead of just providing NFTs.

With no changes, one can be a part of the emerging marketplace but to make the difference, it is necessary to use an efficient blockchain where developers can bring out the various aspects of the game and use them in different protocols. This will also give the chance to open design space for emergent behavior.


In the Blockwork Permissionless II Conference, the CEO of Argus lab says that to make Web3 unique developers and investors have to opt for innovative ways. The expectations of gamers are very high. Hence, experimentation is needed along with the incorporation of NFTs.


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