Delve Into the Yuga Labs Universe 

Otherdeed Expanded NFT is a successful project of Yuga Labs. It is a metaverse game with an immersive and hypotonic environment. Here, users can prospect, create, and engage with others in the virtual environment.

The gaming NFT was built in April 2023. It has a collection of 46.3K items. This NFT is a virtual land parcel within the Otherside metaverse. The land parcel has one or more of the four resource types and is built on one of five sediment tiers.

Current Market Analysis of Otherdeed Expanded NFT

Otherdeed Expanded NFT has a market cap of 17.81K and a total volume of 7,809 ETH. It has a floor price of 0.39 ETH. The best offer made is 0.3511 WETH. This collection has 13,350 owners, comprising 29% unique owners. 

The last seven days’ volume is 197 ETH and the sales are 349. The volume and price chart on OpenSea reveals on August 21, with an average price of 0.6066 ETH the number of sales was 62. These numbers are changed to 79 sales and 0.4726 ETH average price. 

Otherdeed Expanded NFT: Delve Into the Yuga Labs Universe 

On August 23, with an average price of 0.739 ETH, the number of sales was 40. With an average price of 0.5013 ETH, the number of sales reached 45 on August 24. The number of sales increased to 55 with an average price of 0.5756 ETH on August 25. 

However, the sales decreased to 35 with an average price of 0.5868 ETH on August 26. The data of August 27 shows the sales were 40 at an average price of 0.5661 ETH. At the time of writing, the sales made were 5 with an average price of 0.4178 ETH as of August 28.

The ownership data on OpenSea shows that there are 7,259 owners of 1 item of Otherdeed Expanded NFT. The owners of 2-3 items are 3,662 which comprises 27%.  Owners holding 4-10 items are 1,855 and 393 owners have 11-25 items of this NFT. There are 109 owners of 26-50 items and 73 owners of more than 51 items which comprises 0.5%.

Otherdeed Expanded NFT: Delve Into the Yuga Labs Universe 

As per the data from, a total of 13,352 wallets are holding this NFT collection which includes 24 whales and 6,811 blue chip holders. The community of this collection is very active with about 162,391 Discord users. Otherdeed Expanded NFT is available on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea,, LooksRare, X2Y2, Gem, Genie, etc.


The holders of Otherdeed Expanded NFT can play future games in Yuga Labs Universe. Each NFT possesses its unique blend of environment and sediment. The users can create and engage with others in the virtual world. It is advisable to invest after thorough research and analysis.  

For better understanding and awareness of any NFT it is good to join their social media groups like Discord etc. It is always beneficial to gain deeper knowledge of the NFT.

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