Exploring the Genesis CyberKongz Universe 

The merger of NFTs with the games offered an immersive, engaging, and outstanding gaming experience to the world. CyberKongz NFT Project is all set to offer unique experiences to NFT enthusiasts as well as gamers. The project offers an alternative reality and door to the popular Wall-St Kongz Discord channel.       

To know more about the Genesis CyberKongz Universe with baby Cyberkong, let’s delve into the CyberKongz Universe.   

Discovering the Wall-St Kongz Discord Channel With Charming Babies 

CyberKongz NFT project is a door to an alternative reality, offering the NFT holders an immersive experience. Introduced in April 2022, the project offers a collection of 4000 unique baby Cyberkong that helps in entering the popular Wall-St Kongz Discord channel. 

Wall-St Kongz Discord channel is one of the most sought-after channels in the space offering tons of alpha and mesmerizing gaming experience. Built over the Ethereum network and categorized into the gaming category, the CyberKongz NFT Project has secured a trending position in the list of gaming NFT projects.

Exploring the collection, the small baby Cyberkong bred by two Genesis CyberKongz owns randomized items with different traits. The small charming babies help in playing games and offering access to popular gaming platforms. Baby Trait, type, and birthday are three main traits possessed by the collection and involve babies and incubators.

CyberKong #3369 is the most viewed item in the collection, holding 79.2K views, and is available at the best offer of 0.26 WETH. CyberKong #1290 is the most affordable item in the collection, available at the current price of 0.3199 ETH which is the current floor price of the project. 

The project also holds some expensive products including CyberKong #1624, available at the current price of 40 ETH. Items including CyberKong #2999 and CyberKong #3001 are available at best offers on the OpenSea platform.           

Current Performance and Stats 

CyberKongz NFT Project is listed among the trending gaming projects over the OpenSea platform with more room to run. 

Considering the current performance, the collection of 4,000 unique items holds a total volume of 35,596 ETH with a floor price of 0.3199 ETH. The past 24-hour performance of the CyberKongz NFT project just rocked the NFT stage. The project generated 12.44 ETH in volume, a hike of 790% with a total of 40 sales, representing an upsurge of 900%.  

CyberKongz NFT project has a community of 1,904 members of which 48% are unique owners holding at least a single NFT from the collection. All these items are available at NFT marketplaces including OpenSea, LooksRare, and NFTGo.       


CyberKongz NFT is a leading and trending project in the gaming category. With a collection of 4,000 babies in the form of digital art, the project just rocked the NFT stage with its outstanding performance. Currently, the project holds a total volume of 35,596 ETH with a floor price of 0.3199 ETH.    

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