Full Details of the Decentralized Trading Platform 

ESwap, a decentralized platform is attracting users’ attention due to its unavoidable features. This platform is not ruled by any central authority. Another add-on feature that is provided is the maintenance of privacy and security in the transactions. 

It is a trading platform that is open to the public without the need for an order book or a third party. To gain the final decentralization order books and intermediaries are not required. POOL determines the exchange rates of tokens, which means user transactions determine the changes in the price. This trading platform, without an intermediary, allows peer-to-peer trading of crypto assets.

Transactions are made through order books on trading platforms and centralized exchanges. In order books, the buyers and sellers define their orders separately. It is the basic nature of buyers to buy at the lowest price, whereas sellers want to sell at the highest price. This way, the consensus is never reached, which creates incomplete transactions.

Features of Eswap

Eswap consists of some definite features of decentralized platforms, which are discussed below.

1. Runs on Smart Contracts

The platform runs on smart contracts, which means all the information regarding the transaction process is stored on the smart contract.

2. Order and User Details

The order and the user details are automatically stored on the blockchain due to its design. The information can be fetched by the admin for analysis purposes.

3. Use of Varied Languages

The platform provides the facility to use a variety of languages. The use of various languages will enhance its usability. 

4. Anonymous Trading

The user can perform anonymous trading, which means they do not need to provide identification details. They are not required to fill in the KYC details. The needs of identification are fulfilled by the public wallet address.

5. History of Transactions

The history of transactions is securely available on the blockchain. The transaction history can be checked with complete price details, coins, and peer details.

6. Traders Have Custody of Their Assets

The traders can own the private key to hold their custody of tokens and assets. They can trade it directly to the high liquidity pools.

Benefits of Eswap

It consists of all the benefits of the decentralized platform. Some of them are listed below

1. Immediate Registration

The platform does not require KYC, so registration is immediate and without any requirements. No approval from the central authority is needed.

2. Connect Multi Wallet

Multi-wallet connectivity options are there. Users can connect their wallets with third-party platforms like MetaMask and Exodus.

3. Comprehensive Charts

The charts are available so that the user can make a price analysis regarding the crypto in different time ranges and attributes.

4. Add Liquidity

Smart contracts on the platform utilized pre-funded pools of assets called liquidity pools.

Ecosystem of Eswap

The ecosystem of Eswap consists of three types of users namely providers, traders, and developers. The liquidity providers are incentivized to contribute tokens to ordinary liquidity pools. By providing a fixed fee of 0.40%, traders can exchange these tokens. This fee is the liquidity provider’s profit. 

Developers can jointly develop Eswap and take part in the exciting future for Eswap by improving user experiences, transaction processes, etc.

The Powers of the Admin Panel in Eswap

The admin panel has the power to manage the platform by keeping an eye on the user list and balance, regulating the user interface, analytical dashboard, and trade fees.

1. Users List and Balance: The admin gets the list of the users, where they can check the needed information at times.

2. User Interface: If needed, the admin can manage the details, like the language and registration details, from the admin panels.

3. Analytical Dashboard: They have access to the analytical dashboard that has all the details about the volumes, user swaps, and details of the decentralized exchanges.

4. Trade Fees: The admin has the power to set the trade fees. When required, they have the right to change it as well.

How Does the Eswap Work?

With Eswap, the user can join the platform without any KYC. The user can start exchanging on decentralized exchange platforms. Any external wallet can be linked as an extension of the browser, where users can save assets securely. 

Then the order will be noted within the smart contract and will be held until any peer is willing to make a deal with those conditions. The transaction records are stored in the smart contract. After the crypto exchange, it is held in the user’s wallet.

Why Select the Eswap?

Eswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange software. The supported blockchain network is Ethereum. It is a fully scalable solution and requires no third-party involvement in the transactions. It has identified features in varied languages to facilitate users from different places.

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