Generative Audiovisual Art to Reconstruct the Media 

DeafBeef is a generative audiovisual art stored completely over the on-chain. The collection is introduced to the NFT space to push the limits and restructure the multimedia. The art is nothing but a C Compiler that generates the audiovisual and amplifying experience of NFT enthusiasts.     

What makes the collection more special? Let’s explore the collection at a glimpse.  

A Glimpse of the NFT Collection 

Introduced in March 2021, the DeafBeef NFT collection holds 223 unique items running over the Ethereum blockchain and is classified into the art category. The collection best represents the mixture of audio and video in an aesthetic form, pushing the limits of multimedia. DeafBeef NFT has no existence if not innovative, demonstrating the potential of technology holding the journey to the world of Web3. developed with self-made basic tools, imposing the criteria of black slate is offering creative audiovisual art. 

A Canadian-born artist is behind the art and built a creative practice to design much from little. The collection is a unique variation, highlighting the involvement of programming in the world of art, creativity, and NFT as well. The passion for music and technological curiosity made it possible for DeafBeef Lacma to come up with such innovative, creative, and generative audiovisual art.   

Taking a look at the NFT collection, the project includes a wide range of items unique in terms of series, tempo, inharmonic, beats per measure, pitch variability, pitch pattern, etc. 

In the collection of 223 items, DEAFBEEF Series 0: Synth Poems-Token 106 is the most popular and cited NFT. With 19.3K views, the item secured the first position in the most viewed and valuable NFT. Talking about the most expensive item in the collection, DEAFBEEF Series 4: Glitchbox-Token 188 is the one, holding a current price of 444 ETH which is approximately $762,894.12. Another player in the list is DEAFBEEF Series 4: Glitchbox-Token 180, standing at 420 ETH ($721,261.80). The collection also holds some affordable and cheap items. DEAFBEEF Series 0: Synth Poems-Token 71 is the cheapest item in the collection, available at the price of 25 ETH ($42,932.25). DEAFBEEF Series 5: Advection-Token 222 is the recently created item in the collection, available at the best price of 8 WETH ($13,706.56).   

How Well the NFT Is Executing?

The creative, innovative, and generative audiovisual art NFT holds a total volume of 8,360 ETH standing at the floor price of 25 ETH. Only 2% of the items are listed and the collection has around 108 owners of which 48% are unique owners. 17 ETH is the volume of the collection in the past 7 days with a floor price of 25 ETH, an upsurge of 47%. 

Want to buy one at the current price? OpenSea, NFTGo, and LooksRare are some platforms offering the NFT at the current price.    


DeafBeef NFT project beautifully represented the mixture of technology, self-made tools, and generative audiovisual art. The collection holds around 223 items which are completely distinct from each other, offering an outstanding experience to the art lovers. 

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