Good Financials are Not in the Driver’s Seat 

It may be discouraging to see Intertek Group’s (LON: ITRK) stock price performance in recent times. The ITRK stock price dropped by 6.2% in the past month despite its promising financial indicators.

Financial Snapshot of the Last Year

The firm made a revenue of £3.19B in the last financial year. After gross margins of 15% and net margins of 9.05%; the company kept away a chunk of £288M as a net profit. One of the significant ratios, the return on equity, is more than 24% for the period. The Intertek Group has a significantly high return on equity. Compared to the industry average of 20%, the company’s return on equity is decent.

It suggests that the stock has the potential to rise in the long term. Firstly, it is still a small to medium-cap stock with a market capitalization of just £6.5B. The markets typically reward resilient long-term fundamentals.

Why the slow growth in revenue?

Despite good margins and profitability ratios, the firm is not making growth in revenue, and the answer is simple. Intertek Group has a high three-year median payout ratio of 59%, which means that the company only reinvests 41% of its income into its business, resulting in a lack of growth in earnings. 

Despite this, the company has paid dividends regularly for over a decade. It indicates that its management is committed to paying dividends, even if it means little to no earnings growth.

Technical Analysis and Prediction of ITRK Stock Price

The ITRK stock price is at the £4110 level after being rejected from the immediate resistance of £4255. As the bears reclined the resistance level, the bulls at the 50 and 200-day EMAs also gave up, and the price crashed past the level of two. 

One of the underlooked things to notice is the lack of bullish candles during lows made by the ITRK stock price. It indicates a lack of strength in the bulls. Since the stock is in a sideways trend, any firm price prediction cannot be made until a breakout occurs. However, by looking at the current price actions, it is likely that the bears will take control. The stock can break the support level of £3969.


The IRK stock price is falling despite its good financials. The company is making decent profits and it is further being transferred to its return on equity, which is higher than the industry standards. The current price is trading below its EMAs and a lack of strength is seen in the bulls. The shallow prediction will be bearish.

Technical Levels

Support: £3969, and £3820

Resistance: £4255, and £4400


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