Google Confirms New Pixel 8 Pro Feature With Surprise Leak

By what I’m sure is sheer coincidence, Google has again published details about its upcoming Pixel 8 pro before next month’s launch. This time, the company uploaded the full 360-degree simulator, which confirms a new feature and fresh colors for the handset.

Google’s next flagship handset has been the subject of a few leaks recently, but this interactive 360 look at the device is the most complete yet. The webpage has already been taken down and it hasn’t been saved on any internet archive sites. Fortunately, Twitter user Mishaal Rahman took some screenshots.

First up, it looks like the long-rumored temperature sensor will be included in the Pro unit. A leaked demo video in May (via 91 Mobiles) revealed that Google had added a feature to measure body temperature, which works by holding the sensor to a user’s forehead to get a reading.

What Google’s plans are for the sensor remains a mystery, but infrared temperature sensors are fairly normal in wearables from Garmin, Apple and Samsung. The most common use case is for measuring body temperature overnight when monitoring sleep, alongside tracking menstrual cycles.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 takes this a step further by acting as a thermometer for non-living objects or environments, such as a hot surface or a swimming pool. The leaked demo video, which showed the sensor being pressed against someone’s head, suggests it could be a Covid-19-related temperature testing feature.

The 360 simulator also revealed three colors, two of which appear to be new, including “porcelain” (which was leaked last week), a purple-ish “sky” color and a jet black hue called “liquorice.” Elsewhere, the leak puts to bed rumors that the Pixel 8 range will remove the physical SIM card slot, which is good news for people who rely on local SIMs when traveling.

This is the cleanest look at the Pixel 8 Pro we’ve seen yet. Aside from the new oval-shaped camera bump on the back of the device, the renders look near identical to the Pixel 7 Pro. It may just be the digital image, but the corners appear to be more rounded on the new handset compared to its predecessor. It will be interesting to see if the dimensions remain the same. I’m also interested to find out if the rumored larger battery will mean a slightly thicker and weightier phone.

The last two leaks that have come directly from Google have focused on the Pixel 8 Pro, rather than the smaller model. Either Google is keeping something interesting up its sleeve for the mini Pixel 8 or, as is typically the case, the Pro unit is just more interesting.

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