Google Political Content Policy Update Mandates Disclosure of AI

Google Political Content Policy Update Mandates Disclosure of AI

Google has updated its political campaign ad policy. This update was published on September 6th, regarding AI generated content or ‘synthetic content’ that involves real or realistic-looking people for the creation of events. 

Along with this Google also said that these notices must be clear and conspicuous in a place where the users will notice them. The tech giant has given examples that use AI in editing such as color, resizing, cropping, defeat corrections, or any peripheral edit that does not create realistic depictions of the actual events.

The Updated Policy on Political Content

The update reveals that this policy applies to images, video, and audio content and will be implemented in mid-November 2023. This update in the political content policy comes exactly one year after the U.S. presidential elections in November 2024.

The topic of disclosure for AI involvement has emerged in full swing after the emergence of AI-based tools like ChatGPT. These tools have made it very easy to generate the content.

AI is having a profound effect on varied sectors. Google and other major tech companies are focusing on AI tools and services more than ever. The CEO of Google on September 5th said that he has been thinking of pivoting the company to be the first AI company since he joined in 2015.

Google upgraded its search engine with AI-powered enhancements on August 17th to help streamline searches.OpenAI and Microsoft also created the Frontier Model Forum which is aimed to help self-regulate AI development from within the industry.

Google-owned cyber security firm Mandiant recently reported an increase in AI use in the manipulation of information campaigns, online, highlighting the need for proactive measures.

Google’s interest in AI with the updated policy has expanded to its other platforms like YouTube which recently released its principles for working with the music industry on AI-related tech which will supercharge the music-related creativity. The CEO of YouTube added that AI will never replace humans but it will add the spark that drives most talented artists to do their best work.


Google’s update on political content comes amid increased usage of AI generated or AI based content in political ads. AI generated content has raised concerns especially related to images and videos. Google has specified that the disclosure will be for any ‘synthetic content’. This step is aimed at stopping the spread of misinformation created using AI. The updated political content update comes exactly one year before the Presidential election in the U.S.


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