GSK) Continue To Outperform Above $35 Mark?

GSK plc (NYSE: GSK) stock price shows a breakout above the hurdle of $36 and indicates a positive outlook on the charts. The breakout has been backed by a massive volume indicating the active participation of the buyers in the game. 

Moreover, the price prediction of GSK stock shows that the price was volatile on the charts in the past few months. Both the bulls and bears were trying to dominate the trend, thus, the stock contracted forming a symmetrical triangle pattern. 

Also, the daily chart shows that the price had contracted enough to decide a trend in either direction. The gaped-up opening of 3% on Friday led the base for the breakout. Thereafter, buyers took charge and the price soared 2.5% more by the end of the intraday session.

Moreover, the price action shows that GSK stock has entered the bullish territory and initiated a fresh bull move showing a positive outlook and a rise in the following sessions. GSK’s stock price was at $36.55 and gained 5.51% of its market capitalization during Friday’s trading session.

The analysts offering a 1-year price forecast for GSK plc have a maximum estimate of $62.77 and a minimum estimate of $30.30. The analysts are bullish with the outlook having an average potential of 16% and a maximum potential of 71.73% in the stock.

Will GSK Stock (NYSE: GSK) Continue To Outperform Above $35 Mark?

GSK stock option-chain analysis states that the current implied volatility in the market is 20.05% with an increment of 2.95% in the last trading session. The at-the-money strike price has 5 open contracts on the PUT side and 326 open contracts on the CALL side indicating the dominance of sellers at the current level. The PUT/CALL ratio is 0.51 indicating that sellers dominating the option chain data at the moment.

GSK Stock Price Showed Breakout With Massive Volume

The GSK stock price currently trades at $36.55. It made a breakout of the symmetrical triangle pattern with a massive volume. 

The price outlook for the short term shows that the price has entered a bullish territory and initiated a fresh bullish move that might attract more buyers to participate and the price may continue with the momentum.

However, the option chain data shows the dominance of the sellers at the upper levels which might be challenging for the buyers to continue with the same momentum. Bulls have shown their aggression and are dominating the trend now. 

The Oscillating Indicators Show Strength in the Breakout

The daily GSK stock price chart shows that the price has made a breakout of the 50 EMA and 200 EMA indicating the strength of buyers over the charts. The EMAs may act as a support if the price takes a pullback. 

The overall technical opinion rating including RSI and MACD signals a 30% buy with a strong short-term outlook in maintaining the current direction.


GSK stock price broke out of a symmetrical triangle pattern with high volume, indicating a bullish outlook. The GSK price rose 5.51% on Friday and may continue to gain in the following sessions. Analysts have a positive forecast for GSK stock, with an average potential of 16% and a maximum potential of 71.73%. However, option chain data shows some resistance from sellers at higher levels, which may challenge the bullish momentum. GSK stock is currently trading at $36.55 and has entered a fresh bullish move.

Technical Levels

Support levels: $34.10 and $33.55

Resistance levels: $33.4 and $38.3


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