Gsk Stock Ready For A Blast, Analysts Says?

GSK stock price has been volatile with major ups and downs in the past 3 months and trading in an interesting symmetrical triangle pattern which has contracted enough according to analysts. Analysts believe GSK shares may soon observe a directional move as the stock has contracted enough to make a blast.  

The recent quarterly result effect led the gap up to opening outside the pattern but could not sustain at the levels and the stock closed inside the pattern. The Stock needed more time to contract and the breakout failed. 

GSK’s stock price was at $34.47 and has lost 1.37% of its market capitalization during Thursday’s trading session. the stock has declined merely 3% in the last 1 week after suffering rejection from the upper trendline of the pattern. 

Trading volume can be seen as below average and declining in the past 1 week which indicates a loss in the momentum of price decline. This might be an opportunity for the buyers to take charge. However, the stock is trading below the key moving averages which the buyers must surpass to make a breakout.  

GSK Plc (NYSE: GSK): Gsk Stock Ready For A Blast, Analysts Says?

GSK stock option-chain analysis states that the current implied volatility in the market is 17.6% with a decrement of 0.21% in the last trading session. The at-the-money strike price has 355 open contracts on the put side and 1110 open contracts on the call side indicating the dominance of sellers at the current level. The PUT/CALL ratio is 0.42 indicating that sellers dominating the option chain data at the moment.

GSK Stock Price Forming A Symmetrical Triangle Pattern On The Daily Chart

The GSK stock price currently trades at $34.47 and contracts its range of trading in a symmetrical triangle pattern.  

The price may remain volatile and unidirectional until it maintains itself in the pattern. Analysts advise the traders to wait until the price breaks and find a direction to move. The break on either side may lead to a trending move in the short term. 

The Oscillating Indicators Showing Volatility And Sideways Trend

The daily GSK stock price chart shows that the price is trading below 200 and 50 EMA. The oscillating indicators like RSI and MACD are showing a sideways and consolidation in the stock.

The overall Technical Opinion rating is signaling 88% sell with a strong short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction.


GSK stock price has been moving in a symmetrical triangle pattern for the last 3 months, with high volatility and no clear direction. The stock failed to sustain a breakout after its quarterly results and fell back into the pattern. Currently, The stock is trading at $34.47, below the key moving averages and with low volume. Analysts expect the stock to make a decisive move soon, as the pattern has contracted enough. They advise traders to wait for the break of the pattern on either side, which may lead to a trend in the short term.

Technical Levels

Support levels: $34.01 and $33.35.

Resistance levels: $35.53 and $36.39.


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