Insiders Selling The Share, What’s Cooking Inside Coursera Inc.?

Insiders Selling The Share, What’s Cooking Inside Coursera Inc.?

  • A recent SEC filing reveals Coursera Insider sells shares worth $1.369M.
  • The Coursera is at a net loss for the year ending 2022.

Coursera is a massive online course provider. The company was founded in the U.S. in the year 2012. Stanford Computer Science professors Andrew NG and Daphne Koller founded this firm. It has more than 1.4K employees and it operates across the globe.

Coursera’s share price has consistently increased. The massive sell-off by the insiders of the company has very little effects on the share price. The COUR stock value has advanced by 3.1% in the last trading session.

The net cash at the company has declined by -4.5% year-on-year, resulting in $362.78M in Q2 2023. The ROA for the company has also declined by 7.8%. This decline is opposed by a considerable advance of 509.7% in the company’s free cash flow.

The company has multiple negative ratios indicating a sell of the stock. It follows an ROE of -22.41% with a negative ROA of -16.53%. The company follows an operating cycle of 47.87 days. The company’s gross profit margin ratio is 0.57.

Coursera Inc. Stock Performance Analysis

Insiders Selling The Share, What’s Cooking Inside Coursera Inc.?
Source: TradingView

Coursera has faced considerable losses in the year 2022. The net income of the company is negative despite a consistent increase in revenue. The company made a loss of 175.36M in the year 2022. Despite this loss, the company managed to reduce its loss by $4.35M.

Technical Overview of COUR Stock

Insiders Selling The Share, What’s Cooking Inside Coursera Inc.?
Source: Tradingview

As the share price of the company has been consistently advacnig the technicals for the COUR stock are bullish. The fundamental data of the company also seems sustainable for the future growth of the company. It indicates a buy by the experts.

COUR Share Technical Analysis

Insiders Selling The Share, What’s Cooking Inside Coursera Inc.?
Source : COUR: 1W: NYSE

Coursera Inc.’s share price consistently makes higher highs after a massive price decline. The share price has broken out above the previous swing high. It makes the share price bullish.

The vast advance in COUR stock price has led to a golden cross of EMA’s. The share price has crossed above the 50-day and the 200-day EMA. It is a clear bullish sign for the stock. The RSI value of the COUR share has crossed above the overbought zones. That shows the dominance of buyers in the market. 


The insider’s selling does not show any impact on the share price. Despite this, the stock has changed its trend to positive and is advancing to higher levels. The current market structure is bullish, and the RSI is also positive. The EMA is also trading in a golden cross.

Therefore, the COUR share price can advance to higher levels, leading toward resistance.

Technical Levels
  • Support levels for the COUR share are – $13.00 and $15.00
  • Resistance levels for the COUR share are – $21.30 and $24.00

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