Is It Time to Buy or Sell TON?

Toncoin chart shows high volatility. Price is down by 3.83% over the past 7 days. Sellers are trying to pull Toncoin crypto prices toward the lower trendline. Toncoin must attract buyers in order to surge toward the upper trendline. Investors in Toncoin crypto need to wait for any directional change over the daily time frame chart. 

Toncoin price prediction showcases the decline of TON crypto price from the higher level over the daily time frame chart. TON crypto needs to attract buyers in order to reach the recovery level. However, trading volume is below average and needs to grow for the Toncoin crypto price to reach a higher level. 

Meanwhile, TON crypto is trying to surpass above 20, 50, 100, and 200-day moving averages. Toncoin price lost 14.30% in the last three months. Moreover, the TON price has plunged around 33.20% in the last six months and lost 41.10% year to date.

Technical Analysis of Toncoin Crypto Price in 1-D Timeframe

Source: Toncoin.1D.USD by TradingView

If it can stay at this level, the Toncoin price could reach the first and second targets of $1.900752360 and $2.303992490, respectively. However, if the TON price cannot maintain this level and falls, then it might hit the closest support levels of $1.900752360 and $2.303992490. At the time of publishing, Toncoin crypto (USD: TON) is trading above the 50 and 200-day SMAs (simple moving averages), which are supporting the price trend. 

Technical indicators highlight the downtrend momentum of the TON crypto price. The relative strength index showcases the downtrend momentum of Toncoin crypto. RSI is heading from the neutral zone to the oversold zone. 

MACD exhibits the downside trend of TON crypto price. The MACD line is below the signal line after a negative crossover. Investors in TON crypto need to wait for any directional change over the daily time frame chart.


The daily time frame chart of the Toncoin cryptocurrency shows a dropping trend according to the TON price projection from the upper level. In order for TON cryptocurrency to rebound and reach higher levels, it must draw buyers. Moreover, the price of Toncoin has decreased by almost 33% over the past six months. Technical indications point to the price of TON cryptocurrency being in a downturn. Investors in injective cryptocurrency must watch the daily time frame chart for any directional changes.

Technical Levels

  • Support Levels: $1.900752360 and $2.303992490.
  • Resistance Levels: $1.095435140 and $0.693358060.

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