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Coinmarketcap is extensively expanding its scope and utility. It is enriched with data which is very helpful for crypto traders. It consists of various tools which help in gaining full knowledge related to crypto. This includes the price, market capitalization, and trading volume of cryptocurrency.

The price and the ranking of the cryptocurrency is the most popular section of Coinmarketcap. By selecting the specific cryptocurrency, one can get full access to the price, market capitalization, price change, and trading volume of that crypto. 

An overview of the cryptocurrency is easily available which consists of its supply and trading volume, a list of trading markets, and more.

Different Features of Coinmarketcap

A simple snapshot feature is also available which provides a cryptocurrency market overview as it was for that date, including rank, market capitalization, and price of the cryptocurrency market can be gained with this feature of the history website. As per the date, the price of the cryptocurrency can be seen.

Keeping track of dozens of cryptocurrencies manually is not possible but with Coinmarketcap, it has become easy. It has a feature called the Portfolio tracker. One can track one’s investment portfolio using this feature. In other words, one can keep a tab on a particular cryptocurrency. With this, a record is kept for transactions, which includes the dates, fees, custom notes, etc. This is useful for tax purposes or record keeping. The portfolio is completely private and can be edited or deleted at any time.

Another cool feature is Coinmarketcap Alexandria. It is a universal crypto 

library designed to provide comprehensive resources for all things. It provides a wide range of content, crypto happenings, or news. Users can educate themselves with the latest projects, technologies, and innovations. There are currently 4000 articles by 150 authors. The collection of crypto content is impressive.

Coinmarketcap also provides information on the gainers and losers. These are the worst and best cryptocurrencies over a given time frame. It allows the user to refine the search to include large caps which are the top 100 cryptocurrencies and mid-caps which are top 500 cryptocurrencies.

It also provides exchange ranking. The cryptocurrency exchanges are ranked based on the number of cryptocurrencies they support, and liquidity. Coinmarketcap tracks hundreds of the most popular exchanges. Currently, they keep records of 3 types of exchanges which include centralized, decentralized, and derivatives. Centralized exchanges are operated by a central entity, decentralized are not owned and regulated by anyone and derivatives are the exchanges used to trade derivative instruments like futures, options, and swaps.


NFT market at a glance and chain ranking are some of the other features that can be judged with the help of Coinmarketcap. This is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. It has personal and academic use cases.

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