Latest Google Leak Exposes Pixel 8 Price Shock

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were already expected to be some of Google’s most expensive smartphones when they are released later this year. The latest details around the pricing suggest a shock is in store, with an increase of over $300 for some models being discussed.

The recently launched Pixel 7a was priced at $499, up $50 from the price of the Pixel 6a it superseded. That the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro would also see a price rise, given the current economic conditions, has been expected.

Yet previous reports, such as those from noted tipster Yogesh Brar, highlighted a potential price increase on the Pixel 8 of between $50-$100. That would put it at the $699 mark compared to $599 for the Pixel 7 it would be replacing; a disappointment to many given the Pixel’s pitch as an affordable smartphone sporting high-end specs,

The price increases reported this weekend are significantly more. The Tech Outlook’s team suggesting European pricing for the entry level Pixel 8 some €225 more than the Pixel 7, and the Pixel 8 Pro with a €335 premium over the previous phones; price rises of approximately $240 and $360 respectively.

The question now is if the price published online has come from solid information from the supply chain, or is a retailer looking to take pre-orders and has erred on the side of a higher price to ensure it is not left out of pocket when the actual price is revealed.

If we assume that the higher price is correct (in other words, let’s go ahead with a nod towards Taniyama-Shimura), the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are going to see one of the key advantages of the previous handsets, namely the value-for-money compared to similarly specced Android smartphones, ripped away.

That’s a strong argument in itself for the price rise will be closer to $100 than $300. The Pixel 8 family is updating much of the software and hardware from the Pixel 7 family, but the information currently available does not suggest anything more than a notable yet iterative update.

Even a price rise of $100 will be seen as a shock by the community. Pixel supporters are bracing themselves for a price rise, but are not ready for much more. Many will be hoping that this shock is just an over-zealous retailer.

Google is expected to launch the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro at its “Made For Google” event which is taking place on October 4th in New York and online.

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