LG Launches Two New 45-Inch Ultra-Wide Ultragear Gaming Monitors

LG has announced that it’s adding two new big-screen, ultra-wide aspect ratio monitors to its popular range of UltraGear gaming products.

The UltraGear GR75DC and GR65DC both carry impressive 45-inch, 32:9 aspect ratio Dual QHD screens, giving gamers the equivalent of two 24-inch 16:9 QHD displays in a single monitor. They take full advantage of this multi-screen potential of their size and width, too, by carrying built-in PBP (Picture By Picture) and PIP (Picture in picture) features that make them unusually effective for multi-tasking when you’re not using their entire screen area for widescreen gaming. So you can, say, play a console game on one side of the screen while simultaneously streaming content on the other.

Both monitors feature 5120×1440-resolution 1500R curved screens to bolster your immersion in what you’re playing, and they are both out to enhance your skills by supporting refresh rates of up to 200Hz and a 1ms (GtG) response time.

Both models also claim to support up to an impressive 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, and they’re both rated to a VESA DisplayHDR 600 level, indicating that they’ve been assessed by VESA’s independent adjudication processes as capable of achieving a very credible 600 nits of brightness when playing HDR titles. There’s AMD Freesync Premium Pro variable refresh rate support on both monitors too, as well as 4-pole headphone outs with the DTS HP:X audio system.

It’s also interesting to find that despite being sold by LG, both the GR75DC and GR65DC monitors use contrast-rich VA LCD panel types rather than the lower contrast but (usually) wider viewing angle-supporting IPS panels that LG usually uses across its TV and monitor ranges. How much this move might be down to a deliberate change of direction/definite feature choice for this range and how much it might be down to relatively ‘accidental’ issues with obtaining panel supplies for the many different screen shapes and sizes the gaming world in particular is supporting these days is an interesting question.

Given, though, the relatively ‘personal’ (rather than shared) experience associated with curved screens, even ones as big as the GR75DC and GR65DC, using a VA panel in such circumstances feels like a pretty sensible decision. However much it may or may not have been motivated by panel supply complications.

With so many shared features, you’re probably wondering at this point where the differences between the two monitors lie – and the answer based on the information provided by LG so far appears to be limited to their connectivity. The UltraGear GR75DC sports USB Type-C, DP1.4 and HDMI 2.1 connections, while the GR65DC dispenses with the USB Type-C port. That doesn’t seem like much of a difference, in truth, considering that the GR75DC’s $899.99 price is $100 more than that of the GR65DC – but I really am struggling to find anything else to separate them. Even their designs appear to be essentially identical.

Both the GR75DC and GR65DC LG Ultragear monitors should be available for shipping from today (November 20) via LG-authorised retailers and LG’s own US website.

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