LimeWire Back in Game, to add AI tool, After Music NFT Renewal

With rapid advancement, AI created a strong root in every field and LimeWire is not an exception. LimeWire COO, Marcus Feistl, announced adding AI tools to the current NFT collection, revealing a decentralized generative AI creator studio, backed by the Ethereum scaling network Polygon. The announcement was a comeback of LimeWire into the game. 

About the Music NFT Relaunch

LimeWire, an AI-powered content publishing platform was a strong player in peer-to-peer music-sharing services in the early 2000s. The platform was mainly accountable for creating, publishing, and monetizing images, music, and videos using AI. LimeWire faced lawsuits, failed to recover, and shut down in 2010. 

A long battle with the Recording Industry Association of America over remarks of music piracy. The platform was found copyrighting infringement on a “Massive scale” by a federal judge. The announcement of Music NFT relaunch sparked LimeWire, exemplifying its comeback to the world of music. The platform is ready to Add AI tools to its current NFT focus.          

Why is LimeWire adding an AI tool? 

Gaining the lost fame and position is the main reason behind the action. The platform was popular in the early 2000s with around 50 million monthly users. Relaunched of LimeWire in 2022 as an NFT marketplace is expected to skyrocket the platform soon. 

LimeWire is relaunching with backing from music industry giants Steve Aoki and Deadmau5. To regain the power, the platform enhanced its offering to permit content creators to design their own subscription-only feeds, identical to Patreon. In addition, LimeWire also established a partnership with Universal Music Group.   

The AI tool will also help the creators develop AI-generated images using text-to-image or image-to-image inputs with tools like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. Marcus also revealed several advanced and artistic features of the AI tool to create artwork for music. Apart from this, the platform is planning to introduce a series of AI-developed music tools soon as part of the studio. Users will be permitted to allow the studio to add particular sounds or instruments to the track, to create a song around licensed beats. Individuals will also be allowed to design an entire song from scratch, using AI-generated lyrics, vocals, and music available. 

“The tool will make it easy for the music enthusiasts to produce their own music in a more simple and productive way”, stated Marcus Feistl. Another main reason behind LimeWire’s action is to empower newcomers to begin their musical journey with full creativity and advanced tools. With the tool, anybody can become a creator, He added. The platform is also expected to roll out more complex and advanced systems in the upcoming months.   


The COO of LimeWire, Marcus Feistl, made an announcement related to the addition of AI tools into the current NFT focus. The plan is to regain the lost position, empower music enthusiasts, and enhance the creative journey of individuals with advanced tools and services. 

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