LUNA & LUNC Explode With Huge Price Gains – The 7 Best Altcoins To Buy Now!

With the recent boom in prices, most cryptocurrencies are hitting new highs, which means more investors are jumping in the market. Terra (LUNA) and Terra Classic (LUNC) have recently experienced huge price gains. LUNA tops the charts with a surge of over 95% in just one month, while LUNC shows a promising rally of over 46% in one month as well.

This market upturn has also benefitted altcoins as well. Coins like Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF), Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX), Meme Kombat ($MK), and TG Casino ($TGC) already got tons of attention because of their massive APYs and use cases, coupled with this recent surge, these coins are going to take off. Before we get into these, let’s look at why LUNA and LUNC saw huge price gains.

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From Crash to Cash: LUNA and LUNC Surge with Huge Price Gains!

After the catastrophic failure of the original Terra blockchain in May 2022, both the new LUNA and the remnants of the old blockchain LUNC suffered massive price drops. However, both have rebounded with impressive performances.

LUNA’s price jumped from $0.42 to $0.80 in just one month, showcasing a massive 95% increase. Several factors have driven this resurgence. The relaunch of the Terra blockchain under the new Luna 2.0 protocol restored faith in the project’s fundamentals. Major exchange re-listings such as Binance and Coinbase Pro boosted legitimacy and trading volumes. The effective burning of billions of LUNA tokens reduced the circulation supply. Besides, investors got interested in discounted crypto assets again after the crash, bringing fresh capital into LUNA.

Meanwhile, LUNC has skyrocketed from a fraction of a penny to $0.0000838, representing a 46% gain. The main driver has been community-led efforts to burn LUNC supply and reduce the circulating amount. By sending LUNC holdings to locked wallets and reducing supply, proponents aim to raise the price. The LUNC ecosystem is also being rebuilt with new DApps and use cases.

It’s impressive how LUNA and LUNC are doing right now, but other altcoins can give you even bigger gains. So, let’s check them out.

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1. Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF): Capitalize on the ETF Excitement with Massive Staking, Burns, and Breaking ETF News

Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF) is a brand-new project that rewards the community in connection with the upcoming Bitcoin ETF event. The recent crypto market pump is largely due to the anticipation of ETF approval, which is now being tokenized through Bitcoin ETF Token.

It offers investors three main benefits – staking rewards with massive APY, token burns at major BTC ETF events totaling 25% supply, and a news feed tracking the latest ETF developments. The staking and burn mechanisms are designed to increase token value through reduced circulation and increased scarcity.

The project is currently in a presale stage and it has already raised over $490k. You can get it now for $0.005, but you have to be quick because the price will go up gradually.

2. Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) – The Ultimate Altcoin for Cloud Mining Enthusiasts – Huge Gains Await!

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is another new top altcoin with huge gains. Its unique Stake-to-Mine coin makes cloud mining to be more accessible. BTCMTX is redefining cloud mining with a unique ecosystem. When you hold BTCMTX tokens, you can generate passive income from your assets. This approach uses the equipment of cloud mining companies, reducing individual mining costs.

In exchange for staked tokens within the ecosystem, Bitcoin Minetrix rewards you with credits for cloud mining. Within the platform, these credits are exchangeable for Bitcoin cloud mining power in the form of non-tradable ERC-20 tokens. As soon as you redeem your credits, you’ll be able to use cloud mining time, during which you can earn a percentage.

The BTCMTX presale has been quite successful so far, with over $3.9 million raised. The next price increase is approaching soon, so grab it while it’s still cheap.

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3. Meme Kombat ($MK) – Gaming, Memes, and Crypto Collide for Huge Gains Potential

Meme Kombat ($MK) is another interesting altcoin gaining massive traction and offering a huge potential.

It is an upcoming Play-to-Earn (P2E) fighting game with great hype surrounding it. Inspired by Mortal Kombat, you, as a player, come face-to-face with popular memes and meme coins like Wojak and Pepe. Using AI technology, the game ensures fair fight outcomes.

Furthermore, Meme Kombat offers a sportsbook-like wagering system to bet on the outcome of battles and fights, which makes it even more fun. With nostalgic retro-gaming appeal, meme culture relevance, and the innovation of AI and wagering systems, Meme Kombat is poised to become a major altcoin.

Right now, its presale event is rocking, with close to $1.7 million raised, indicating huge interest in the project. However, the $MK token price is expected to rise soon, so get in now before it spikes.

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4. TG Casino ($TGC): Anonymity, Licenses, and 25% Cashback – The Triple Threat in Crypto Gambling

TG Casino ($TGC) is another new altcoin, which is an online gambling platform based on Telegram that takes advantage of its impressive user base. The project builds upon the success of Rollbit by offering anonymity, licenses, and 25% cashback on losses within Telegram.

TG Casino offers a revenue-sharing buyback mechanism that rewards $TGC token holders through staking rewards and burns. The $TGC token offers utility like free rewards, exclusive games/room access, and a high APY for staking.

By offering all these features, TG Casino plans to disrupt the exploding market for crypto casinos. Having already raised over $1.9 million in presale with a $2.5 million goal, TG Casino is getting close to the end of its presale phase. That means you’ve only got a few days left to get your $TGC tokens.

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5. Compound (COMP) – Soars to 30% on Rumors of Coinbase Listing

Compound is a decentralized finance protocol that allows crypto lending and borrowing. Its native token COMP surged over 30% recently, driven by rumors of a potential Coinbase listing and overall renewed interest in DeFi tokens amid the broader crypto market recovery.

6. Ethereum (ETH) – Phenomenal 33% Rally Unleashes Institutional Frenzy

Ethereum is the second-best blockchain platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts. Recently, it has surged over 33% in a month, crossing the $2000 price point amid renewed institutional investment interest and anticipation for its major upcoming Merge upgrade to a more efficient and sustainable Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

7. Celestia (TIA) – An Incredible 168% Surge Ignites Developer Excitement

Celestia (TIA) is a new layer-1 blockchain focused on data availability. Recently, it has surged by a whopping 168% in a month, driven by growing developer interest in building decentralized applications on Celestia. The project aims to provide scalable data transmission between blockchains, allowing developers to build cross-chain apps. Celestia’s mainnet launch and additional exchange listings have increased awareness and investment in TIA recently.


LUNA and LUNC’s remarkable surges have set the stage, but for those seeking the next big altcoin winners, consider $BTCETF, $BTCMTX, $MK, and $TGC. Each presents unique features like massive staking, cloud mining rewards, gaming innovation, and crypto gambling disruption. With substantial funds raised in their presales, act fast before prices rise. These altcoins are the ones to watch for potential explosive gains.

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