MACD Indicates Decline; Will HKD Stock Silp?   

HKD stock has been consolidating in the range between $5.00 to $5.90 for the past few days. However, a minute surge of 0.18% is seen in the trading price of AMTD Digital Inc. stock in the weekly time frame. 

AMTD Digital Inc (HKD) Stock Price Analysis 

In the 52-week time frame, HKD stock price peaked at $56.01. Its lowest traded price was $4.80. Speculative activities are common in HKD stock, and several times, it was noted that there was a sudden spike in volume.

The MACD and the signal line are moving parallelly below the zero line, but the histogram reflects buyer accumulation above the zero line. The RSI line and RSI-based MA lines move straight below the zero line.

Despite the intraday surge, HKD stock price declined over 15% in a quarter and 44.96% in the Year-to-Date time frame. AMTD Digital, Inc. does not pay dividends to its shareholders. 

AMTD Digital, Inc. has a market capitalization of $1.055 Billion. Companiesmarketcap(dot) com shows a decline of 43.8% in the market cap in 2023 compared to that in 2022.  

As per market analysts, HKD stock is expected to decline further as bears are capturing the positions and is expected to open below its previous closing of October 3, 2023. 

AMTD Digital, Inc. Financial Updates 

In Q1 2023, AMTD Digital, Inc. reported a positive $9.56 Million in revenue, and its net income was $15.32 Million. In Q2 2023, the company reported $9.57 Million in revenue from its net income of $15.33 Million. 

In 2022, AMTD Digital, Inc. reported $33.06 Million in revenue with a profit margin of 126.22%. In the long term, the company’s total assets are $342.17 Million and liabilities are $1.03 Million.

AMTD Digital, Inc. operates from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada. The price-to-earnings ratio (TTM) is 24.47, and basic EPS is positive $0.23. 

AMTD Digital, Inc. is a holding company that develops digital solutions applications under the AMTD SpiderNet platform. It operates through the following segments: Digital Solutions Services—Non-Financial Services; Digital Solutions Services—Financial Services, including many others. 

Technical Levels

Support Level: $4.80 & $4.00

Resistance Levels: $6.35 & $7.88 


HKD stock is consolidating in the range between $5.00 to $5.90. Per market analysts, speculative activities are pretty common in AMTD Digital, Inc. trading volume, buyers’ dominance is eroding, and bears are trying hard to establish their positions. However, HKD stock is expected to fall below $5 and start trading at its 52-week low of $4.80.  


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