Massive Intel 14th Gen Price Leaks Revealed For Most Processor Models

Intel is expected to release its 14th Gen Raptor Lake refresh processors this month and in addition to performance leaks and reports of increased core counts, we now have plenty of pricing details to consider too, thanks to a leaks from Spanish and British retailers.

The latest is Overclockers UK, which has revealed pricing for the Core i9-14900K, Core i7-14700KF and Core i5-14600K, which sits at £579, £398 and £320 respectively. Current models – the 13900K, 13700KF and 13600K retail for around £570, £380 and £300. It’s price increases across the board, but they’re less than 7% and less than 2% for the Core i9-13900K to 14900K. Intel has yet to announce the new CPUs, but they’re widely expected to do so along with availability later this month.

The website Coolmod, which still shows pricing that hasn’t been removed, has revealed the cost not just of the Core i9-14900K but the highly anticipated Core i5-14600K too.

Starting with the Core i5-14600K and the website features not just the standard model but the Core i5-14600KF too, which is cheaper as it lacks integrated graphics. These are listed as €430 and €390 respectively, compared to €342 and €320 for the Core i5-13600K and Core i5-13600KF. That’s a near €90 increase on current prices for the standard model, but it’s important to remember that the Core i5-13600K cost a similar amount at launch and has simply fallen in price since.

The Core i9-14900K meanwhile is listed at €799, which is around €140 more than the current Core i9-13900K. This is also a little more than you’d see at launch, with prices hanging around the €750 mark.

The UK prices are far more inline with what can be expected and are from a large respected retailer. The CPUs will use the existing Raptor Lake architecture, but thanks to refinements in the manufacturing process are expected to have higher frequencies and possible core count increases on at least one SKU – the Core i7-14700K.

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