Metaschool is gearing up to prepare a new generation of web3 developers

A prominent learning platform for web3 development skills, Metaschool, recently revamped its website and learning experience. The Singapore-based startup is currently backed by Sequoia Capital, Polygon Ventures, Global Ventures as well as several angel investors.

At the moment, the Metaschool is host to courses on 15+ blockchains that include Tezos, Ethereum, Sui, Binance and Solana. In fact, it has recently launched a course on developing a Gamer DAO on the Q blockchain with rare Q tokens, NFTs and a $6000 prize pot in rewards.

All of these web3 courses are hands-on projects that aim to teach developers shifting from web2 to web3 how to build dApps independently.

Courses on 15+ blockchains

As mentioned, Metaschool has courses around several blockchain. The projects will increase in the coming weeks with more emerging blockchains and building projects for them.

At the moment, the Ethereum blockchain, the most popular blockchain in the world and its native programming language Solidity, are front-runners and have a multitude of courses from basics to advanced dApp building.

But if Ethereum isn’t someone’s piece of cake (especially considering the high gas fees), there are several projects around the Polygon blockchain as well to enroll into.

For adventurous developers looking to try out newer, emerging blockchains, token creation courses exist in abundance. There’s even one around creating a Pokemon card NFT on the Tezos blockchain. The programming languages being covered in these projects include Solidity, Rust, Cadence, Clarity, Javascript and many more.

Typically courses, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, follow a similar structure. You can expect to find the following being covered in them.

  • Prerequisites for the project
  • Development framework and tooling
  • Blockchain fundamentals
  • Writing smart contracts
  • Testing smart contracts
  • Deploying smart contracts
  • Best practice for contracts
  • A lot of code with explanations
  • Real-life examples

Gamified learning experience

Metaschool is all about building. There’s no learning without in the developer realm. Hence courses are made to be engaging and interactive. These courses work as projects that challenge you to build a token or a decentralized app. Once they validate and sharpen skills, developers can go on to say they actually created it from scratch.

Moreover, Metaschool also wants to make learning fun and rewarding. If developers are working hard, shipping web3 projects, then Metaschool wants to reward them. Take for example their newly launched initiative called the Rewards Pot. Builders now have an opportunity to claim a portion from the pot, in cash (USD) upon completion of courses. It depends on the speed of their work, the level of difficulty of the course and a few other factors.

Moving on, NFT rewards are also given upon the completion of a course. This acts as a proof of completion of a project, which is airdropped to your wallets, and can be shown to anyone wanting proof of your experience.

Learning Quests are also another major feature of the learning platform. In order to sharpen your skills, you can solve problems and complete tasks. Finally, XPs and Daily Streak points are awarded to those who remain consistent in building their projects and overcoming challenges.

It’s safe to say, Metaschool is an environment that fully encourages its developer students to maximize the opportunity they have at hand: which is to become successful web3 developers, that too, ahead of the curve.

Scope of web3

As of June 2023, there were only 21,000 active web3 developers out of 27 million developers around the world. Since web3 is still in its nascent stages, it’s understandable that those 27 million developers would mostly stick to web2 technologies. But web3 represents the future, and since it is facing a lack of skilled and experienced web3 developers, there is plenty of opportunity to get your foot in the door at massive web3 companies.

These companies, and it should go without saying, pay the big bucks because talent is short. Moreover, there is plenty of space to build your own project and be a pioneer in the industry when other developers are not even thinking about it. In order for the web3 industry to advance, developers are needed and there’s a huge gap at the moment.

That is why companies like Metaschool are going out of their way to prepare developers. It is for the development of web3 and for developer careers, livelihoods and dreams to come true. If you think you’re a developer who wants to be remembered in history, web3 is the obvious platform for you to build on.

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