Milady NFT Collection in Loss as Developer Stolen $1M in Fees  

A Tweet from Milady maker creators account on September 11, shocked the NFT space, mainly the Milady community. Charlotte Fang, the creator of the Milady project, addressed a developer behind the situation, who worked on Bonkler. The NFT collection was exploited by a developer who stole $1 Million in fees.          

What About User Assets? 

“Remilia easily uncovered the individuals involved in the exploit and will start legal action soon,” said Charlotte Fang in a Tweet. 

According to Fang, a developer in the Milady maker project has somehow managed to grab around $1 Million in generated fees and fleed. This all happens from the Remilia Corporation. Before exploring the whole incident, let’s take a look at the project and Remilia Corporation.

Milady Maker NFT project, a collection of 9,732 was introduced by Remilia in August 2021. The collection is inspired by anime style and offers street-style tribes. Milady is considered among the top PFP projects running over the Ethereum blockchain. On the other hand, Remilia, a decentralized autonomous organization is accountable for creating crypto-based projects. The corporation developed one of the leading NFT projects, Milady Maker. The CEO of Remilia Corporation and creator of the Miladay Maker NFT project, revealed the incident with the project by the developer of Bonkler.  

“The Bonkler reserves, NFTs, and main contract are safe, only Remilia’s revenues from Bonkler were compromised” stated Fang. Also, Remilia’s reserves are not affected by the exploit, and the user’s assets are completely safe which is a big relief for the Milady Maker NFT holders. 

Charlotte Fang also exposed that the attackers succeeded in seizing three of the official accounts including RemiliaBaby, RemiliaCorp333, and MiladyMaker333. She said that the RemiliaCorp333 account has been locked out, and expects all properties to be returned.

For users’ safety, Charlotte Fang alerted the NFT holders and requested to consider all three accounts as compromised until further notice. 

As a progress to the incident, she added that the attackers behind the whole situation are identified and will start legal action to get all properties to be returned.              

Current Standing of Milady Maker

The anime-style NFT collection is all set to rock the NFT space with its current performance and offerings. With a total volume of 80,073 ETH and a floor price of 2.487 ETH ($3,951.95), the collection is doing its best. Focusing on the past 24 hours’ performance, the volume of Milad Maker NFT is 1,162 ETH with total sales of 459, a hike of 101%. Addressing the NFT community, the collection holds 3,478 owners with approximately 36% unique owners. Running over the Ethereum network, the collection offers quirky art and style to the NFT universe.            


Milady Maker, the popular NFT collection experienced a loss as the $1 Million was stolen by the developer of Bonkler. All three official accounts including RemiliaBaby, RemiliaCorp333, and MiladyMaker333 were seized by the attacker. The news is revealed by the creator of Milady NFT using the Twitter platform.        

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