MSFT Stock Forecast: Can Price (NASDAQ: MSFT) Break Yearly Highs?

MSFT stock has been on an upward trend since 2023 and has shown buying interest. The stock faced a hurdle near the supply range and had a pullback in the previous sessions in the last couple of weeks around the price of $310 also the Fibo 38.20% level.

MSFT’s earnings have grown by 20.8% every year for the last 5 years, as per Simply Wall St. It also has a high return on equity (ROE) of 35.1%, where ROE means how much money it makes with its shareholders’ money.

MSFT publicized its results for the quarter ending in July on July 25th, 2023. It made $56.19 Billion in revenue and $20.08 Billion in net income. It also earned more per share ($2.69) than expected ($2.551), which was a good surprise for investors.

For the next quarter ending in September 2023, MSFT expects to earn $2.633 per share and make $54.5 Billion in revenue. It will report its results on October 25th, 2023.

As per the predictions and estimates by Simply Wall St., MSFT’s earnings and revenue are expected to grow faster than the US market average in the next few years. It also expects to have a high ROE of 28.9% in 3 years.

MSFT has more cash than debt. MSFT’s debt has gone down from 92.2% to 22.9% of its equity in the last 5 years, as shown by Simply Wall St. MSFT’s debt is well covered by its cash flow. Cash flow is how much money it has left after paying its expenses. MSFT earns more interest than it pays, so it does not have to worry about paying its debt.

MSFT stock price was at $332.88 with an intraday decrease of 0.20%. Moreover, the intraday trading volume of MSFT is 17.536 Million less than the 10-day aggregate volume of 20.11 Million. The stock has bounced back after a pullback and has a market cap of $2.473 Trillion. Analysts gave a buy rating with a yearly high target price of $440, suggesting a growth outlook for future sessions.

MSFT stock also pays dividends every quarter. Dividends are money that it gives to its shareholders. The last dividend was $0.68 per share, which is to be paid on September 14th, 2023 to shareholders who had the stock before August 16th, 2023.

The biggest shareholder of MSFT stock is Vanguard Group Inc., which owns 8.79% of the company. The second biggest shareholder is Blackrock Inc., which owns 7.22% of the company.

Some of the top people who work for MSFT have sold many of their shares in the last three months. Kathleen Hogan, who is an executive vice president, and Bradford Smith, who is a president, together sold 76,814.6 shares worth about $25.5 Million.

Technical Analysis of MSFT Stock Price in 1-D Timeframe

MSFT Stock Forecast: Can Price (NASDAQ: MSFT) Break Yearly Highs?
Source: MSFT.1D.NASDAQ by TradingView

MSFT stock has been rising since November last year. It went from $213 to $366, following the Fibonacci levels. Now it is at $332.88 (at press time). It faced some resistance and dropped to $310, but then bounced back. 

It might go up to $341 or $351, the next resistance level. But if it breaks below $318, the major support level, it might fall to $311 or lower. 

MSFT stock is trading above the 20 and 50-day EMA. RSI is around 56, bullish with 14 SMA support. MACD histogram gap is widening.


The MSFT stock seems to be poised for a significant rise with potential price growth in the next sessions. The buyers are backing the Microsoft stock’s upward movement by striving to maintain these levels. Technical parameters for MSFT stock also support the increase in bullish momentum. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) stock prices are bullish on the 1-D time frame as indicators turn bullish. The traders and investors also suggest positive buying sentiments.

Technical Levels

Support levels: The nearest support levels for MSFT price are $341 and $351.

Resistance levels: The nearest resistance levels for the MSFT stock price are $318 and $311.


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