Mutant Serums to Create History

A new chemical reaction is about to explode in the NFT space. Yugal Labs, the developer of Bored Ape, came up with a new concept for Bored Ape Chemistry Club which holds 517 items of which 3 are unique items. Around 10,000 mutant serums were airdropped straight to the Ethereum wallet of BAYC holders, including M1, M2, and Mega Mutant.  

What’s Behind the Chemical Formula? 

Bored Ape, several characteristics generating thousands of random combinations were minted through generative art. Observing the popularity and fame, Yuga Labs came up with the concept of Bored Ape Chemistry Club NFT which involves 10,000 mutant serums. The NFT project was created in August 2021 with around 517 items, running over the Ethereum blockchain. The project is grouped into the art category with 2.5% creator earnings.    

Technically BACC are not NFTs in the same way as other Bored Ape. It is more likely to be a hybrid token created to execute Ethereum smart contracts. However, the projects haven’t affected the original Bored Ape NFT, offering more value to the BACC project. 

Purchasing a Bored Ape NFT not only symbolizes verifiable digital ownership but also exemplifies Yacht Club membership cards. Access to certain Ethereum DApps and BAYC events are some major benefits of being a Bored Ape Chemistry Club community member.   

Addressing the traits, M1, M2, and Mega are three traits of the collection, making the NFT more attractive to the Bored Ape NFT holders. Mutant Mega Serum is the most viewed and popular item of the collection, holding around 487.5K views and available at a best price of 24 WETH ($40,853.04). M2 Mutant Serum is the most expensive item in the collection, available at the current price of 11.69 ETH ($19,901.52). M1 Mutant Serum is the cheapest item on the list with 7.69 ETH ($13,091.76). Currently, 67% of the items are listed.  

Is the Chemical Reacting Well? 

It is essential to see how well the chemicals are reacting. The current performance of the Bored Ape Chemistry Club will help in observing the success and popularity of the project. The NFT project holds a total volume of 58,585 ETH with a floor price of 7.69 ETH with a best offer of 2 WETH. 

The project has around 263 owners of which 51% are unique owners holding at least a single type of NFT from the collection. Focusing on analytics, the volume of the NFT in the past 24 hours is 9 ETH with 1 sale and a floor price of 7.69 ETH. The collection is available on platforms like looksRare, OpenSea, and NFTGo at the current price. 


The Bored Ape Chemistry Club NFT project is a new creation of Yuga Labs. Introduced in August 2021, Yuga Labs came up with the concept of Bored Ape Chemistry Club NFT which involves 10,000 mutant serums. Currently, the project holds around 517 items with a floor price of 7.69 ETH. 

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