New Google Leak Reveals Revolutionary Pixel 8 Pro Upgrade

Google’s next-gen Pixel 8 Pro smartphone looks set to receive a huge camera upgrade that could set it apart from the competition when shooting video.

According to a new report by 9to5Google, Google’s game-changing “Night Sight” technology is about to make the leap from photos to video in the company’s 2023 flagship model. This is potentially a huge differentiating feature for the Pixel 8 Pro model, not only from the base model Pixel 8 but potentially all other smartphones on the market, too, if past results are anything to go by.

Launched back in 2018, Google’s original Night Sight feature redefined expectations of low-light photography in smartphones, giving the Pixel 3 a massive boost in picture quality over rivals such as Apple’s iPhone XS. If you need a reminder of just how big a difference it made, check out the example images in Google’s original Night Sight blog post.

Sadly, the report doesn’t go into detail about how Night Sight for video would work, but if the technology delivers anything like the level of advancement achieved by the original photo version, it could prove to be one of the biggest selling points of the Pixel 8 Pro.

Of course, simply using the term “Night Sight for video” doesn’t guarantee like-for-like improvements with its photo-based counterpart. However, the Pixel 8 range’s primary camera is expected to feature Samsung’s Isocell GN2 sensor—upgraded from the Isocell GN1 used in the current Pixel 7 line-up.

Isocell GN2 offers improved low light performance, thanks to its larger physical size, and also includes numerous improvements, such as staggered HDR, which allows it to capture brighter highlights and deeper shadows at the same time. This improved camera hardware, combined with the Pixel 8’s new Tensor G3 processor, lays a solid foundation for Google to work its usual AI magic with low-light video.

Night Sight for video might not be the only Pixel 8 Pro exclusive camera feature. Earlier leaks hinted at a new dual-camera Night Sight mode, enabling the feature to be used for the first time in zoomed-in telephoto shots.

The same report also confirms that the Pixel 8 series will retain support for physical SIM cards, despite recent rumors to the contrary.

All will be revealed when the new Pixel 8 range is launched on October 4.

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