New High-Speed Routers For SMBs And Residential Use From Netgear

Ordinarily, the announcement of a couple of new network switches wouldn’t warrant more than a passing mention, especially as networking is a slightly arcane and specialized area of technology. However, our increasing reliance on networking and Internet connections for our home and business life is making this often-overlooked sector of the technology industry ever more important.

As anyone who has ever experienced their Internet connection going down, very little work gets done when you are cut off from communicating with the rest of the world. As we become more dependent on communications, whether working from home or at the office, we will need smarter and faster networks capable of carrying more traffic for more users. The annual networking expo CEDIA 2023 opens in September and Netgear is attending with some new products aimed at SMBs and residential integrators.

Netgear is making users more aware of the upcoming shift towards smarter and better networks. In recent years, the US company has faced some keen competition from brands like TP-Link as China-based manufacturers focus more on networking equipment for SMBs. In response to these challenges, Netgear is boosting its business offering with new hardware designed for the next generation of Multi-Gigabit Internet connections. The company is also expanding its cloud-based management system and is even offering to help create and specify networks for residential integrators.

Netgear’s smart switches and Wi-Fi access points are compatible with the company’s Insight cloud-based management. The first launch of new equipment at CEDIA 2023 will be a brand-new router for SMBs. The Netgear PR60X is a professional rack-mounted router offering up to 18Gbps bi-directional WAN-LAN throughput performance and dual WAN failover interfaces. The PR60X is Netgear’s latest release to cement the company’s position as a major provider of networking gear for small and mid-sized businesses.

Iphie Chen is Netgear’s senior product line manager at the company’s dedicated SMB Unit. She says: “Netgear has reimagined connectivity for businesses with the launch of the PR60X Pro Router. Soon, 10G broadband is coming to every business and companies need to be able to support those speeds on their router to get the most out of their high-speed broadband connection.

“Our expert team created the PR60X to help small businesses and the VARs (Value Added Resellers) to manage their networks, using high-performance hardware and prioritizing network reliability, reduced latency, high-speed data delivery, and versatility. The PR60X seamlessly combines with our portfolio of pro-Wi-Fi access points, smart switches and Netgear’s Insight cloud management platform for an optimized business network that’s easy to deploy and manage.”

Netgear claims the PR60X router is designed with an eye on the future by offering enhanced performance, security and easy management. With 10G/Multi-Gigabit throughput, 10G/2.5G dual WAN ports, plus 10G/2.5G/Multi-Gigabit LAN ports, the new router is ready for the next generation of high-speed Internet connections that are currently being rolled out. The PR60X has a dual WAN fail-over function to ensure businesses can switch to a backup Internet connection if their primary service fails. Uninterrupted Internet connectivity for critical applications and services is vital for business.

Operating as the gateway to a business’s corporate network, the new router can also protect an organization against malicious incoming traffic. The PR60X has a built-in firewall that blocks unauthorized access to the network and monitors communications between the corporate network and the outside world.

The PR60X is a rackmount design with ports at the rear for cleaner integration with pre-existing data networking equipment. However, it also has reverse mounting rack ears for front-facing ports for a more traditional look. Netgear describes the PR60X as a reliable and affordable router with cloud-managed 10G routing. The company offers a three-year warranty on the new router and 90 days of free phone and chat support.

The latest iteration of Netgear’s cloud-management platform, Insight 7.0, can oversee a company’s entire network, providing remote configuration and management from any location. Netgear Insight can be used by IT managers or VARs to remotely manage a network and the devices on them, whether that be access points, switches or routers. Cloud management is essential for small businesses without a dedicated IT department. VARs can also use Insight to remotely monitor the health of a client’s managed network and fix any issues in real time, ensuring the network keeps running smoothly.

Also launching at the forthcoming CEDIA 2023 Expo is Netgear’s Total Network Solution Ecosystem for residential installers of networks. The term residential could mean a single-family home or a whole block of apartments with a single high-speed and high-capacity Internet connection that everyone shares.

The new PR460X is a 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router supporting Insight Remote Cloud Management. The new router will only be sold through authorized integrators and Netgear says it offers exceptionally fast speeds, uninterrupted connectivity and “stressless network management”.

The PR460X router has been designed exclusively for residential and commercial installation projects and it’s intended to be used with Netgear’s range of pro Wi-Fi access points and smart switches. The high-performance hardware of the PR460X includes 10G/Multi-Gigabit throughput and multiple Ethernet ports, plus an SFP+ port for super-fast data transfers. The device can support multiple connected devices from smart TVs, PoE speaker systems, home conference setups and even complete home security systems.

For homeowners who can’t manage without the Internet, the PR460X’s dual-WAN failover protection guarantees that a family or apartment block stays connected even during critical moments because the router can switch seamlessly to a backup Internet service such as 5G in the event of a primary connection failure.

The PR460X has a rack-mountable design with rear-facing ports. Integrators can mount the router with its ports facing the front for extra flexibility. Residential installers can complete the network with Netgear’s pro-Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 6 and 6E access points. The access points all have high-speed 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet connections for more bandwidth around the home or apartment block, plus there are even outdoor access points to keep connected during barbecues or pool parties.

Netgear’s pro access points and Multi-Gigabit PoE smart switches are fully compatible with the Insight cloud-management platform. Insight offers plug-and-play installation. For example, a replacement or new access point can be preconfigured and mailed to a client’s office, ready for them to plug it in without any installation procedure. The Netgear PR460X includes a four-year subscription to Insight, enabling residential integrators to offer real-time 24/7 management for networks virtually anywhere.

Pricing & Availability: The NETGEAR PR60X router for SMBs is available in the US now from and is priced at $699.99. Meanwhile, the PR460X router will be sold exclusively through authorized integrators, including four years of Netgear Insight and the company’s ProSupport Services. You can learn more about Netgear’s residential solutions by visiting

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