New Pixel 8 Pro Leaks Reveal Google’s Exciting Decisions

Updated September 28th: article originally posted September 27th.

As excitement rises for the launch of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, those looking to buy the Pixel 8 Pro as soon as possible have another reason to get ready to order quickly. Google could be offering a stunning addition to the Pixel 8 Pro.

Update: Thursday September 28th. While we have details on many of the specs of the new Pixel smartphones Google will be launching next week, a few more have come to light today that will help those deciding which phone and which options to go for.

The latest specs come from the team at, and cover both the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro. In terms of battery, the Pixel 8 will come with a 4600 mAh capacity battery, while the Pixel 8 Pro 5100 mAh.

Storage just the Pixel 8 will come with 128 GB or 256 GB of storage, while the Pixel 8 Pro will have 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB. What’s missing from that report is the US-specific option for a massive 1 TB of storage on the Pixel 8 Pro… Google could be looking at a limited supply of silicon and is leaving the biggest numbers for one of its largest markets.

The two new handsets will be launched at the “Made By Google” event taking place on October 4th in New York. Alongside the first smartphones to sell with Android 14 out of the box is Google’s second Pixel wearable. The Pixel Watch 2 comes with new biosensors, increased performance, and new fashionable choices for digital designs and physical wristbands.

Ahead of the launch, a number of promotional images from the US campaigns have leaked. It’s promoting the pre-order window for the Pixel 8 Pro – which will presumably open at the end of the “Made By Google” event and offers a free Pixel Watch 2 for those ordering the Pixel 8 Pro.

When Google launched the first Pixel Watch in late 2022, it was priced at $349 for the Wi-Fi only model (and $399 for the Wi-Fi/LTE variant). That’s a not-inexpensive peripheral to add to the rising price of the main Pixel phones. This is where Google’s offer of a free Pixel Watch 2 accompanying the Pixel 8 Pro become an attractive choice.

Google offered a similar package last year, with the Pixel 7 Pro pre-orders offering the first Pixel Watch (while Pixel 7 pre-orders were offered a pair of Pixel Buds Pro).

It would be a smart decision to continue this offer, as it’s very much a loss leader for the Wear OS platform. The more wearable devices Google can get into the market, the more addressable devices developers can reach with either companion smartphone apps or standalone apps and services for the Android-powered wearables.

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