NU Stock Might Become Best Penny Stock; Surged Over 77% YTD 

NU stock has set an example for other stocks in terms of profitability. In YTD, Nu Holdings Ltd. stock added $3.40 to its trading price. At the time of publishing, it was trading at $6.96 with $46.834 Million. On August 28, 2023, the trading volume was majorly dominated by buyers, but the price reflected a reverse action and declined over 2.11%. 

Will Nu Holdings Ltd. Continue its Journey Towards Profitability? 

As per market analysts, NU stock price might open below its previous closing. In the 52-week time frame, NU share’s highest trading price was $8.29, and its lowest was at $3.39. 

NU Stock Might Become Best Penny Stock; Surged Over 77% YTD 
Source: NU stock price chart from TradingView 

Nu Holdings Ltd. market capitalization has shown a positive movement and surged over 76.82% in 2023, compared to its previous year’s trading volume. At the time of writing, its market cap was $33.72 Billion. 

Despite all these profitability signs, NU stock lost 4.26% of its trading value in the weekly time frame and in a month its prices declined over 11.79%. The annual price target of NU shares is $8.52 which is 22.46% greater than its press time trading price. 

It is observed that Nu stock price is seeking a chance to beat its 20-day exponential moving average and start to trade above $7 by the end of this week. Data from TradingView states that 54.44% of NU shares are closely held and the remaining 2.161 Billion shares are closely held either by financial backers of the company or the board of directors. 

If buyers showed keen interest in the August 29th trading session, then it is expected that NU stock might soon cross the immediate resistance of $7.14 and follow the resistance of $7.55.  

Nu Holdings Ltd. Earnings & Revenue

In Q2, 2023, the company was expected to report $1.73 Billion in revenue, suppressing the estimated figures it reported 7.80% more revenue than estimated figures. For the third and fourth quarter of 2023, it is expected to report $2.01 Billion and $2.06 Billion in revenue. 

The expected earnings per share of Nu Holdings Ltd. was positive 0.04 but the company reported the EPS was 21.63% more than the estimated EPS. In the financial year 2022, the company reported $4.79 Billion in revenue from which its gross profit was 53%, Earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization (EBITA) was -7%, earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) was -8% and net income was -10%.   


Since the past few months, NU stock has reflected impressive growth in its trading price, and as per market analysts, the stock aims to become a more profitable penny stock. A surge of a few percent might be seen in Nu’s share price by the end of this week.  

Technical Levels 

Major Resistance: $7.14 and $7.55

Major Support: $6.72 and $6.06


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