Panasonic 2023 Event Previews Inspiring Range Of Products And Insights

Panasonic’s press conferences rarely focus just on products. The latest made a feature of holistic wellbeing, exploring how the company sees all aspects of its work interlocking. It has pioneered the sustainability agenda for years. In its latest virtual keynote, in the run-up to this year’s IFA tech show in Berlin, the company linked all its products together and emphasized the importance of the circular economy and self-sufficient power sources.

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Every day it takes end-of-life products to extract materials to be re-used. “Panasonic is dedicated to creating enduring products and services that align with a sustainable model. Our approach evolves around cultivating long-term relationships with our customers. By offering quality, durable products, we aim to go beyond transactional interactions and partnerships that enhance our customers’ lives,” the company said. To date, Panasonic has, it says, “Recycled 560,000 tonnes of steel, copper, aluminum and resin. That is the equivalent of 400,000 cars and 250 jumbo jets.”

Or how about the Multishape Modular Personal Care System, a versatile device which has multiple heads but means you only need to have one motor and battery, for instance, in your bathroom at a time. You just swap the top end depending on whether you’re shaving your face, shaping body hair, trimming nose hair or brushing your teeth. Just don’t get them mixed up.

Outer wellbeing saw a focus on a healthy hair routine: hair care is the new skin care. Hair dryers that can adjust as needs change and can be safe even for children thanks to features like the quick-dry oscillating nozzle.

Nanoe technology is Panasonic’s secret weapon. It refers to tiny, electrostatically charged atomized water particles which are “far smaller than steam particles, about a billion times smaller.” These can penetrate deeply into hair and skin, to while drying your hair, it can moisturize your scalp at the same time.

Panasonic announced kitchen products with contributions from nutritionist Dale Pinnock, who focused on proactive wellbeing. Pinnock emphasized the importance of eating properly, saying, “Good nutrition isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.” Food preparation is simplified with products like air fryers and multifunctional kitchen devices. As a side note, Panasonic’s bread makers are by a country mile the best I’ve ever tested.

Two new inverter combi ovens mixing grill, oven and microwave capabilities were announced, alongside new air fryers with optional steam features for crispier food.

Audio is important to our spatial well-being, Panasonic says, from the beat in a high-energy fitness class to calmer sounds for mood regulation.

The company’s earbuds like the AZ80, AZ60 Mk II or AZ40 Mk II. They are designed to sit comfortably and securely in the ear, allowing you to disconnect completely—and keep the music just for your ears, so as not to distract others. Microphones are designed to ensure that only your voice is the main event when you’re on a call.

Panasonic is a world leader for television, with OLED TVs especially outstanding. The company framed its new announcements in the context of spatial well-being, and waxed philosophical about that. Working from home benefits from a space that enhances focus, whether that’s bright colors or a quiet environment with lots of natural light, say. Its latest OLED screens have improved brightness and filmmaker mode done in conjunction with Hollywood for accurate picture reproduction. But it also talked about My Scenery, which matches images with sound to try to create mindful spaces. And the company has a strong focus on accessibility features such as voice guidance and audible feedback for remote control buttons.

Lumix is Panasonic’s brilliant camera brand and in a section of the keynote which was deeply touching, there was a fascinating insight from photographer Emily Lowry into how a camera had helped as a tool to overcome shyness, and led to the creation of a YouTube channel that broadened horizons and connected her to people around the world.

Lumix cameras were presented in terms of compactness, light weight, full frame sensors, new software to enhance workflow as well as image quality.

Best of all, though I’m biased, was the focus on pet care with a smart pet feeder and a drinking fountain with refrigerated, filtered water. The feeder delivers the exact amount of food when it’s needed. Handy if you’re out. Though, of course, what pets want above all is your company.

Overall, Panasonic’s place in our living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens seems as indispensable as ever.


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