Polkadot Shares “Agenda for Sub0: The Developer Conference”

Polkadot, the blockchain network, shared an X ( formerly Twitter) post on September 1, 2023, that the agenda for Sub0 is now live. Sub0 is the Polkadot developer conference where more than 50 industry experts will speak. They will cover such topics that “ranges from decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to infrastructure and interoperability.”

Sub0 Europe 2023 will soon take place at Lx Factory – a historical industrial complex and creative center in Lisbon. The attendees can choose from two ticket options, the first one is an onsite ticket and the other is a virtual ticket. Both tickets have their own criteria. For an onsite ticket, one has to pay €99 (nearly $106) while no charges will be applicable for a virtual ticket.

The Agenda for Polkadot Developer Conference

The agenda of Sub0 Europe 2023 is divided into 5 different spaces that are “Builder Space A, Builder Space B, Common Space, Starter Space A, and Starter Space B.” The agenda also detailed the particular events that will be basically in the form of tech talk and live demos, hosted by more than 50 speakers.

Rob Habermeier, the Founder of Parity Technologies, Adam Nagy, the CEO of Moonsama, Alain Brenzikofer, the CTO of Integritee AG, and Alberti Viera, the developer relations at Moonbeam are some speakers who will become a part of this Sub0 Europer 2023.

As the Polkadot developer conference is about to happen soon, one can now get their free online ticket from the link shared by the official X (Twitter) post of the blockchain network. It can be said that this developer conference will be a “one-stop destination” for Web3 enthusiasts as they can “watch every web3 talk, live and free.”

This conference will become a platform for Web3 developers while also connecting with exhibitors. As Polkadot mentioned on its official site, at this two-day conference “the top web3 innovators will share their knowledge, collaboration, and discovery.”

Sub0: Gain Web3 Knowledge Here!

Sub0 basically covers “the Substrate framework, deployment of Substrate networks as parachains, and cutting-edge on-chain privacy initiatives.” At Sub0, Web3 enthusiasts can discover the blockspace ecosystem for boundless innovation.

It will become a place where one can “learn how to create flexible, composable, cost-effective blockspace.” Also, this will show the reason as to why all these factors are “crucial for the success of one’s web3 project.”

As Polkadot added Sub0 gives a place where “the web3 innovators & visionary builders come together to share insights, work on groundbreaking ideas, and collectively stay ahead of the curve.” This Sub0 Europe 2023 experience is more than a developer conference as it will provide a “true hub of innovation” in the Web3 space.

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