Samsung Confirms New Galaxy Hardware With Surprise Leak

Ahead of an expected launch in early October, Samsung has leaked details on the new “Fan Edition” line-up, revealing new Fan Editions of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Tab S9.

The leak comes from an image posted on the Galaxy Buds FE page found on Samsung Argentina’s website. Eagled-eyed Samsung watchers have spotted the date of Wednesday, October 4th in the notifications bar of the Tab S9 FE; given Samsung’s propensity to sneak the launch date into product shots, many regard this as tacit confirmation of the launch date.

First on display, and perhaps the key product of the launch, is the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. The Fan Editions of the Galaxy S line-ups tend to be launched half a year after the main handset launch. The Fan Editions of the Galaxy S phones are aimed towards the mid-range market and tend to trim back on some components and specs to lower the price while staying close to the performance of the larger and more expensive brethren.

Notably, Samsung decided against producing a Galaxy S22 FE, with some believing that the company used the chips for the Galaxy S22 Ultra instead. It’s been a few years since the last FE phone, and the sales figures will be watched with keen interest.

Second, on display are the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE. Previous leaks have suggested the Buds FE will have active noise cancellation, a subwoofer, and offer 30 hours of battery life, including the charging case.

Finally, you have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE. Much like the Galaxy S Fan Edition, Samsung skipped a Fan Edition version of the tablet last year, so the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is holding the line. The design on show follows that of the Tab S9, including the multiple speakers around the frame, and an S-Pen stylus is laid out next to it.

After skipping a generation of Fan Edition hardware, Samsung is bringing back three products to revitalise the mid-range offering. As the competition increases the price of their premium handsets, leveraging the premium “S” branding into the mid-range in the run-up to the holidays is a strong statement to the market from Samsung.

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