Splinterlands- Gaming NFT That Offers Chance To Earn Real Money

Splinterlands is a collectible-based card game. Anyone can buy and sell NFT cards on the decentralized marketplace. These cards are used to battle in the ranked play seasons in daily tournaments. There are thousands of dollars worth of prizes available every week.

The players have a chance to win real money in the game through tournaments and quests. The cards are available to buy and sell through marketplaces. The deck of cards collected is used to play in a battle against opponents. 

The players have the option to select the free mode where they can not win real money prizes. Otherwise, in a paid model they can earn a prize while signing up. To begin the game new players need “Summoner’s Spellbook” which costs $10. Players can buy cards and play against others. The in-game battle allows players to choose a lineup of characters called summoners and monsters.

Splintershards (SPS) and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) are the official currencies of Splinterlands. These currencies are used for many purposes. Like, purchasing the cards, trading, paying entry fees, earning rewards, and staking to earn passive income. 

The game can be played on mobile devices or desktop. For this account creation on the game website is a must. DEC is the in-game currency that is used to buy cards.

The cards have different features like health, speed, armor, attack, etc. which makes them more powerful or less. As per the game’s official site, it has paid out more than $6 million in prizes to tournament winners till July 2022. The prizes include card packs, magic potions, Dark Energy Crystals, and collectible cards. Collectors can make money by selling the cards

Recent Market Analysis of Splinterlands

 It has a total volume of 17 ETH and has 15% unique owners. This NFT has 341 owners. The OpenSea data shows that there are 254 owners for 1 item, 44 owners for 2-3 items, 24 owners for 4-10 items, 5 owners for 11-25 items, 7 owners for 26-50 items of this NFT, and 8 owners for more than 51 items.

The recently listed include Yodin Zaku, Highland Archer, and Skeletal Warrior. The recently sold list includes Dark Astronomer whose last sale was made at <0.01, Sea Monster whose last sale was made at 0.02 ETH, and Exploding Dwarf whose last sale was made at <0.01 ETH.

The highest last sale was made for Selenia Sky at 8.4 WETH, followed by 1360 whose last sale was made at 0.4 WEETH, and The Kraken whose last sale was made at 0.29 ETH.


Splinterlands is a P2E collectible card game that features unique NFTs, player driven markets and battles that will let the user earn rewards. The combination of NFTs and blockchain technology in P2E games gives players ownership and uniqueness.

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