The Gaming NFT Collection Which is Trending

Dimension X NFT belongs to the gaming category. This game is free to play. The NFT heroes are used to build super-powered teams that go on quests. When the teams are built to level up, they battle with other players. They compete against other players and mint new heroes.

Dimension X NFT has created the next generation of mesmerizing content. It is aimed at real-time storytelling. The platform is delegating metaverse creators with a drag-no-code solution that validates interoperability and arranges the technique in all manners.

Recent Market Analysis of the Dimension X NFT

The total volume of this NFT is 70 ETH with the floor price being 0.0129 ETH. 

The ownership data from OpenSea shows that there are 295 owners for 2-3 items, 127 owners for 4-10 items, 53 owners for 11-25 items, 9 owners for 26-50 items, and 1 owner for more than 51 items.

Dimension X: The Gaming NFT Collection Which is Trending

With a market cap of 105.4 ETH, the number of holders for these gaming NFTs is 3,121. The game provides the chance to win the reward and earn points by winning the battle. The player has to compete with other players and teams to mint new heroes. 

It has a vast community. It is always beneficial to follow the social media accounts of any NFT as it is a way to connect with other community members. This also provides the chance to know the details, rewards, airdrops, and many other things related to NFT. 

The current floor price of this collection is 0.012 ETH and the average price is 0.0377 ETH within 24 hours. The current gas fee is 0.0035.

Dimension X issued 5,306 NFTs. There are 3,121 wallets holding NFTs in this collection. It includes 1 whale and 66 blue chip holders. This gaming NFT is available on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, NFTgo, etc.

The NFTgo data shows the recent market performance of this NFT is satisfying. It has completed 1447 transactions and has a 54.55 ETH trading volume within 24 hours. The current market cap is 106.08 ETH and floor price is 0.012 ETH and it has 707 listings.

It enables thousands of players to co-exist in the same virtual world. The lowest price is kept for Hero #3127 at 0.0117 ETH, followed by Hero #6005 at the same price and Hero #2972 at 0.118 ETH. The highest price is kept for Hero #1962 at 112 ETH and Hero #1959 at 10 ETH. 

Dimension X: The Gaming NFT Collection Which is Trending

The recently listed items of this collection include Hero #5304 at 0.012 ETH and Dino Master at 0.075 ETH. This NFT has different traits like body, body type, head, legs, mask, perk, etc.


Dimension X NFT is a free-to-play NFT game with a growing community. It gives a chance to players with or without NFT. The players must win the battle to earn while playing, they can mint new heroes and unlock the factional rewards.

The players can hold the NFT heroes to fight the opponent, grow and level up, and also support their group in the changing world of the game.

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